Cadbury Diwali chocolate

Who says you can’t please everyone? Think again. It’s almost impossible to find someone who dislikes chocolate. Chocolate is universally loved and makes for a sweet and thoughtful gift, regardless of age. From older adults to kids, everyone enjoys a bit of these delicious treats at least every once in a while. You’ll find that a lot of people who are usually on a restricted diet often give themselves a break to enjoy some Diwali chocolate. There’s nothing like the feeling of delicious cocoa melting in your mouth or the burst of flavours when you munch on your favourite cookie. There’s something perfect for every chocolate preference.

With this being said, you can conclude that chocolate is a luxurious gift that is also quite easy on your pockets. And the best part? It is so versatile. So, here are a couple of reasons why chocolates are the best Diwali gifts for family, friends and everyone alike.

Diwali hamper ideas for the tea-time lovers

Tea-time gives you a chance to sit down with family and catch up on everything. From Grandma’s old tales to the mischievous chatter of the young ones, tea-time has been a great excuse to spend time with loved ones the old-fashioned way. While most tea parties include a variety of snacks, introducing chocolate to the table could never go wrong. Tea time is incomplete without tasty things to nibble on. So why not go ahead and bring some Diwali chocolate into the mix? Try the Cadbury Premium Cookies Tin Box. It contains 1 unit of Cadbury Oreo Dipped Cookie, 2 units of Oreo Vanilla Cookie, 1 unit of Chocobake Cookie and 1 unit of Chocobake Cake. A chocolatey snack for fun-filled conversations and banter over a cup of steaming tea. If you’re feeling more generous, make sure to throw in a couple of premium tea bags in your hamper, and you’re sure to capture the hearts of all the tea lovers you know!

Diwali chocolate for dessert enthusiasts

Many would agree that a delicious meal is incomplete without dessert. You don’t need an apparent reason to indulge your sweet tooth. If you know one of those people that are always “craving something sweet”, a Diwali sweets box is just the right gift. While traditional mithai is something you’d often give someone, you can always do one better by replacing it with chocolate. You can put together a Diwali gift hamper with all their favourite chocolate treats. Check out the Warm Wishes Cane Basket – it contains 3 chocolates of your choice from the Dairy Milk Silk chocolates, 1 Oreo Milkshake, 3 Oreo Vanilla Creme Biscuits and a Brass Diya. The brass diya is a thoughtful addition to bringing the festive vibe and adding flair to your hamper. You can also choose to bake some chocolate cupcakes or brownies and a delightful touch of sweetness to make their Diwali a very chocolate Diwali.

Chocolate Diwali gift for boyfriend/girlfriend

Choosing Diwali gift ideas for boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse can be nerve-racking. There are either too many options or none at all. You might want to put in a little effort by picking things they like or shopping vouchers that could be useful to them. Despite these additions, make sure you don’t forget the most vital part of this Diwali gift hamper, a.k.a the Diwali chocolate. It’s the one thing you could always give them that is universal in all cultures across the world, no matter where you come from. Perhaps, the Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Gift Hamper is an amazing choice. It contains 1 Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate, 5 units of chocolates of your choice from the available Dairy Milk Silk and Dark Chocolates and a Brass Diya, all packed in a wooden tray. So, this way, you won’t have to stress about Diwali hamper packaging ideas. Plus, it can be customised with a picture of the two of you and a heartfelt message that will surely light up their day!

All in all, gifting someone chocolate is always the best idea. So, go on and get your orders ready on the Cadbury gifting website this instant!