The best first Birthday Gift for Baby Boy

A little one turning one? A newborn baby is a happy news everyone wishes to celebrate, but the more exciting and fun part is the first birthday. If you have a boy and want him to look back at the photos and remember how much effort you had put in, read on. You have probably squared away your party plans and maybe even organised theme-based decorations—now you just need to think of some worthy first birthday gift for baby boy. But it’s hard to know what to buy for a special occasion like the first birthday gift for baby boy. Should you pick up something sweet, sentimental, fun or educational? You just need to keep in mind a mix of a few key qualities.

Once babies reach the 1-year mark, they officially enter toddlerhood. What does that mean? They’re more mobile, perceptive and curious than ever before. One-year-olds can sit and sometimes even start to stand and walk. They’re curious about their surroundings and extra interested in tactile sensations. At this stage, they’re fine-tuning other senses too and enjoy looking and listening simultaneously. With their tastes developing, they have also started to recognise their food items. So when picking out baby’s first birthday gifts, find things that’ll spark their interest and encourage these skills.

First Birthday Gift for Baby Boy as parent

Picture collage

Use your boy’s first birthday as an opportunity to create a beloved keepsake. A collage is easy to make and is something that can be cherished for years. Whenever you see that cute collage of baby photos of your baby boy on the wall, your eyes will well up with love. You can even be selective of the colour scheme so as to make it just the right fit for your home.

First Birthday Gift for Baby Boy that will ensure a favourite Aunt/Uncle tag

Wooden Blocks Set

Appeal to the senses with a first birthday gift for baby boy that takes a necessary concept of life and artfully executes it. Yes, we are talking about those wood play blocks that will promote the boy’s visual, auditory and tactile development. This will be a useful gift that will not only look good but enable the child’s growth.

Rhyme Books/Storybooks

Since the child will start to read soon and might be already speaking, a narrative audio-based rhyme or storybook is an excellent idea.

Baby bath sets

New moms may feel anxious about bathing their newborns, as they seem very fragile. So, gifting a baby bath can certainly help them in this task. The little ones can be difficult, and these quirky bathing products can keep them distracted while their moms bathe them. You can buy the portable kind, which makes bathing the baby easier and more practical. This way, they will remember you every morning and be thanking you for the gift.

Metal its-bits

Traditionally, gifting silver items to the newborn baby is considered auspicious, as the silver metal has several health benefits, especially in India. So for a first birthday gift for baby boy, Indian traditions can be followed. You can gift anything, from silver bangles or anklets to silver glasses, bowls or spoons.

Everyone always buys gifts for the baby for their birthdays, but what about the parents? We’d argue that they need gifts more! But a gift should be for parents too, a perfect present for you to bring along when you meet the new bundle of joy and his parents that are happy he turned 1!

You can always turn to something that both parents and children might be able to enjoy. And as it is most commonly said, ‘when in doubt go with chocolate’. Here comes Cadbury gifting to help you with the perfect gifting idea. You can choose from a myriad of hampers like the ‘Warm Wishes Cane Basket with Jute Potli’. The box contains Any 3 chocolates of your choice from the Dairy Milk Silk range, 1 Oreo Milkshake Carton and 3 Oreo Vanilla Creme Biscuits. Cadbury lets you customise the box with a special unique message and photo of your choice. With a box of their favourite Cadbury goodies, personalised with both their baby’s names and photos and a sweet or quirky message for them, you can really complete the wholesome package, achieving the best gift title for a first birthday gift for baby boy.

Chocolate gift wrapping ideas

Now that you are saved by the Cadbury gifting that delivers these gifts to your doorsteps, you need to worry about just one thing, gift wrapping ideas. Although the box needs no packing, but if you want to go a little over the top with it, go for simple paper wrapping that will give you the edge over the others definitely. Try using origami folding with several folds on the paper to make it look neat as well as pretty and cute. The origami gift wrapping idea will be a fresh take on gift wrapping.