Tips to choose the perfect Women's Day gifts

International Women's Day is just around the corner and it is a time to celebrate the important women in your life, be it your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or someone else you hold close to your heart. The contributions of women in our lives are often overlooked in the day-to-day, yet they have a huge hand in shaping us to become what we are. Hence, this day serves as the perfect opportunity to honour them and all they do for us, and what better way to do so than by gifting them the perfect Women's Day Gift?

Add a personal touch to your Women's Day gifts

Doing the women in your life justice by giving them the perfect gift to express your awe and love for them can be a daunting task. However, being authentic, scrupulous, and thoughtful while settling on the best Women's Day gifts, you are sure to make an impact and further deepen your most cherished bonds.

Read between the lines

You’d be surprised how simply paying attention to your everyday conversations can help you strike gold when it comes to giving them the perfect Women's Day gift. For instance, if your mother recently mentioned wanting to pick up a new hobby, gift her the tools to get started. For the best Women's Day gift for girlfriend, surprise her with a dinner date to a restaurant she expressed the desire to go to in passing. This is an effortless way to show that you really listen and care about them.

Make a list of their favourite things

Take out five minutes to sit and compile a list of their favourite things- from their favourite cuisine to their most loved music genre, note it all down. Then use each point to brainstorm gift ideas, no matter how big or small. While you don’t have to execute every one of them, this can serve as an excellent way to come up with several cool Women's Day gifts ideas. Compile a few of the best ones and watch the special women in your life smile ear-to-ear with the assurance that they are loved.

Gift them an experience

To make the day unforgettable, give thought to how you can transform it into an experience. For instance, plan a hike for the adventurous women in your life or plan an exciting treasure hunt with small gifts hidden in places that are meaningful. In this way, you can forge new memories, all the while ensuring that your admiration and affection are conveyed properly. A simple way to turn the gift-giving process into an experience is to get creative with the packaging.

Never go wrong with chocolates!

Chocolates are undoubtedly some of the most universally loved gifts. Cadbury’s gifting range with its wide variety of chocolates from our luscious Silk Selection to irresistible dark range- we have something for everyone. Opt for our Personalised Wooden Tray Hamper or Personalised Thank you gift to make your Women's Day chocolates even more special by adding a message expressing how proud you are of them. The many textures and flavours of chocolates present in these carefully curated boxes can be an experience that they can cherish for days to come.

Offer words of encouragement

Shower the awesome women in your lives with simple words of encouragement, which can go a long way in inspiring them to keep going. Be it your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, girlfriend, or friend- make sure to articulate your awe for them by dropping them a text, writing a letter, or simply having a heartfelt phone call.

Buy your Women's Day gifts online

Even if they live in close proximity, ordering online gives you the time and space to brainstorm while providing you with a myriad of options to choose from when coming up with the perfect Women's Day gifts. You can get any Women's Day chocolate delivered right to the doorstep of the remarkable women in your life, no matter where they are, with Cadbury’s gifting range.

We hope that our list could serve as a useful reference guide to help you choose the perfect Women's Day gifts for the wonderful women in your life.