Top 12 Unique Diwali Gift Ideas for this festive season

It’s almost that time of the year where thinking about unique Diwali gifts takes a front seat. Exchanging presents with your loved ones is one of the essential elements of the vibrant season of love and light. When it comes to choosing gifts, there are no boundaries. You can give your loved ones anything and everything right from premium chocolate boxes to earthen lamps.

On the other hand, there is a shift in the trend of gifting for the festive occasion. Below is our list of trending gifts that include unique Diwali gifts ideas for a brand new season of lights this year:

  1. Spiritual candleholder
  2. Candles and diyas are two things that literally light up the festive occasion of Diwali. Since they are an essential part of the celebration, gift your near and dear ones with a spiritual candleholder. You can choose a Ganesha-shaped candle holder or any other divine one that enhances the look of Diwali decoration in their house.

    Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Spiritual Candle holder

  3. Sky lantern
  4. Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Sky Lanterns

    Popularly known as Chinese lantern, it allows everyone to light it and let it soar high in the sky. This Diwali, give your loved ones a chance to ignite the dark sky above them with a colourful sky lantern. Moreover, lighting a sky lantern is an eco-friendly way of celebrating the festive occasion with all your special ones in open spaces.

  5. Personalised chocolate box
  6. What can be more amazing than a personalised chocolate box on a festive occasion? This Diwali, grab a box of chocolate for your special ones and add a dash of personalisation to it. Combine the box with fun messages and quotes to send the warm wishes of the festive occasion to them before it’s too late.

    Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Personalised Chocolate Box

  7. Gadget organiser
  8. Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Gadget Organiser

    Are you wondering what to present your loved ones this festive season? If that’s the case, give a gadget organiser that is designed to firmly hold things in place. Since it is a cool addition to their space, it can be used anywhere, be it at work or at home. With a gadget organiser, your loved ones can maintain cleanliness wherever they go with ease.

  9. Decorative diyas
  10. Despite the many evolutions of the festival, lighting earthen diyas remains the essence of Diwali. Since it never loses its charm, make it a point to remind your loved ones to light diyas with enthusiasm this year. Gift them a set of decorative diyas carved with intricate details by expert craftsmen.

    Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Decorative Diyas

  11. Prisma photo frame
  12. A sleek frame with a gorgeous family portrait adds up to the aesthetic appeal of the house. So surprise your loved ones with a Prisma photo frame that gives a sophisticated touch to the home decor. It is one of the unique Diwali gifts that warms everyone’s heart with its beautiful design and classy look.

  13. Silver-plated pooja thali
  14. A pooja-thali is a basic necessity in every household during Diwali celebration. So what’s a better opportunity than Diwali to present your loved ones with a brand new thali? This festive occasion, pick a beautiful silver-plated thali combo that consists of a chandanvati, drinking glass, kankavati, agarbati stand, etc.

  15. Laser projection light
  16. Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Laser Lights

    What is Diwali without lights? Since the festive occasion is incomplete without a little sparkle, surprise your near and ones with a laser projection light for their grand Diwali parties. It is one of the unique Diwali gift ideas for those that host a Diwali bash every year. It throws light on the targetted surface, whether it is a wall or a floor. This way, it can turn every normal setup into a dance floor.

  17. Desk clock
  18. Let’s face it: Everyone likes to stay organised and punctual. For doing so, gift your loved ones a decorative desk clock as a Diwali gift. It is one of the unique Diwali gift ideas for someone who struggles to keep up with time every single day. Make it a point to look for a quirky desk clock that easily amps up the workspace or the look of the study table at home.

    Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Desk Clock

  19. Nano leaf
  20. A festive celebration is all about decorating the house with beautiful and eye-grabbing decor. If you are looking for unique Diwali gifts for the one who has an eye for all things pretty, surprise them with a nano leaf this festive season. It is an LED panel that comes with an in-built microphone that will let your loved ones decorate their house as well as groove to music with a single product.

  21. Assembly kits & games
  22. Unique Diwali Gift Ideas- Assembly kits & Games

    If your loved ones are truly one-of-a-kind, the assembly kits and games make the perfect gift for them. It is an unusual gifting idea for those who love solving puzzles and assembling different forms of shapes and structures. With assembly kits and games, they will not get bored even on days when they are staying indoors with nothing to do!

  23. Toran
  24. This year, give your special ones with an exquisitely designed metal toran as a Diwali gift. It is one of the unique Diwali gift ideas that keep any negative energy away from the life of your loved ones. Let this gift bring in some good luck and amp up the decor of the whole house.

    There’s nothing more precious than gifting your loved ones with unique Diwali gifts. Whether you are searching for regular or personalised gifts, pick something up based on their quirky personality and style. Celebrate the warmth of this festival with lots of gifts and love with each and every one!

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