Top 7 Innovative Christmas gifts for your husband

Holiday shopping for your main man is no less than torture. You want to pick a wonderful present just like him, but he doesn’t make it any simpler for you. What would you select for a man who doesn’t know what he wants? Or even worse, he might just end up saying he does not want anything at all. So what are you to do now?

Before you give up on choosing to shop this year for him, take a look below at our list of top seven innovative Christmas gifts ideas for your husband:

  1. BBQ Smoker Gift Set
  2. Give it up for the best grill master in town- your hubby. This holiday season, let your man take his grilling skills a notch higher with a BBQ smoker gift set. It comes with three different flavours of smoking wood chips, BBQ thermometer, stainless steel smoker box, and a few recipes. Now, it’s just up to him to not overcook whatever he is grilling!

    Christmas Gifts for your husband-BBQ Smoker Gift Set

  3. Quilted Tanker
  4. Christmas Gifts for your husband-Quilted Tanker

    The latest incarnation of an old favourite. This quilted tanker will without any doubt become your man’s go-to clothing item for everything. Literally! Whether he wants to step out for quick drinks with the boys or wants to run errands at the grocery store, watch him slay in this jacket wherever he goes.

  5. Personalised Chocolates
  6. The option of adding a personal touch to a chocolate box makes it one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for a husband. The best thing about a personalised chocolate box is that you can order it online without any hassle. All you will have to do is upload a picture of him, add a special message, and gift it to him on Christmas.

    Christmas Gifts for your husband

  7. Reflex Punching Bag Set
  8. Christmas Gifts for your husband-Reflex Punching Bag Set

    We are sure that your man has missed working out more than ever this year. If that’s the case, a reflex punching bag set is exactly what he needs to get back to his intense training sessions. This boxing set has everything he requires to sweat it out at home. It comes with a hand pump, an adjustable punching bag, and hand gloves, of course!

  9. Beard Bib
  10. Now that he is trimming his beard at home, surprise him with exactly what he needs to get the job done efficiently this holiday season. We are talking about a beard bib- something that keeps all the stray hair and clippings at bay. Yes, you head that right. A beard bib ensures your hubby does not dirty the sink when he is shaving in front of the bathroom mirror.

  11. Laser Star Projector
  12. You no longer have to wait for the sky to clear up to watch the stars hand-in-hand with him. Thanks to the Laser Star Projector! It brings home the starry night experience with ease. So, surprise your hubby with this projector to enjoy a star-filled night indoors together. Trust us, it is one of the most romantic Christmas gift ideas for your husband that he is bound to love.

    Christmas Gifts for your husband-Laser Star Projector

  13. Dash Camera
  14. This Christmas, give your man a dash camera to let him keep an eye out on his ride. It’s literally like fitting a CCTV in the car. That’s because it records sounds and images of everything while your hubby is out there on the road driving all alone. In short, it will make his life a lot easier and smoother on the road.

    Whether you’re newly married or have been together for a decade, shopping for him can be exhausting. But, our list of best Christmas gifts for your husband will make your life a lot easier when it comes to holiday shopping. So, buckle up and get him the most perfect Christmas gift or secret Santa gift this year. Happy shopping, guys!