Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Husbands

Internet sites are abuzz with suggestions, but we at CadburyGifting like to go the extra mile and inspire you to think out-of-the-box to make his birthday truly meaningful and joyous. When working on a plan to come up with birthday gift ideas for husbands, the first thing to do is figure out what ticks the ‘boxes of delight’ for your man. Don’t go by random suggestions. We did an informal survey of husbands across ages to understand what works and what doesn’t. The results were interesting: Expensive material gifts did not make it to the top 5 gifts of even 1% of the husbands we spoke to!

What is the Best Birthday Gift for Husbands?

Check out these ideas making for unique birthday gifts for your husband, get inspired and create your own plan.

If he likes surprises, invite a few of his favourite people – not more than 2-3 – maybe a day in advance, if you have plans for the actual birthday. The friends all arrive with a surprise for him – no, not any usual ‘gift’, but each brings a personalised bar of Cadbury’s Silk chocolate with a photo of himself with the birthday boy on the pack and a fun message inside. Here are some ideas on what could go inside: “Love your wacky sense of humour!” or “This year, let’s pledge to go on that trek”. Personalised gift ideas for husbands need not always be from the spouse (but yes, they may need to be arranged by her. And why not?)

Keep the food and drinks simple – the idea is to enjoy the evening and re-live fun memories through the creative chocolate gifting idea. Later, make a collage of the packs and put it up in his personal space with the date of his birthday and year. Makes for a wonderful keepsake.

Gift Idea For Chocolate Lovers

If your husband is the type who likes to munch as he works, this is perfect for him. The pack of personalised Silk Miniatures will fit the bill nicely. Try and order a week in advance, so the gift is delivered to him either a day before or on his birthday in the office (if it’s a working day). If he is working from home, let him open the door to the ‘sweet surprise’ courier. You can personalise it with your favourite photo of him with something cheesy and fun on pack: ‘To My One & Only’ or ‘Sweets for My Sweet J’. In the message inside, try something like, ‘I promise not to eat any of your chocolates.’

Best Gift wrapping Idea: Wrap with love

Gift him an eclectic hamper, one that is filled with as many gifts as the number of years he completes on the day. Look out for the best gift wrapping ideas or DIY gift wrapping ideas – hand-made paper, jute bags, potlis, braid ribbons, fresh posies, think anything pretty. Spray on your favourite perfume over the hamper to add your personal fragrant touch. Number your gifts – one for each year. Gifts may include his favourite cologne and a new phone maybe, but also a personalised box of Silk chocolates with ‘I Love You’ embossed on it with his photo; and a letter from you listing the reasons you love him – reasons, big and small, and as many as the years he has lived. We guarantee he will be bowled over.

Creative Gift Idea for Husband’s Birthday: No gift-wrapping required

‘Gift’ him your thoughtful consideration. Suggestions to get you ideating: If your husband is the type who likes to discuss his work threadbare, and you often tend to get impatient and cut him short, don’t do it – at least not on his birthday; instead, listen to him with full attention and share your opinions. If he likes to curl up with Netflix or a book and a drink, let him be. (It’s his birthday, remember?) Maybe, even fix his drink and arrange for his favourite snack as well.

Here is another scenario… His mother is not your favourite person, and it bothers him a lot. On his birthday, you can take the initiative to set up a video call between mother and son, where you join in for a while. And if she is in the city, call her over, cook her favourite things and have a meal together. And if you think it will go down well with her, order a personalised Satin Potli of Silk chocolates to thank her. After all, she gave you your life partner…

If your husband is a travel buff, a surprise family holiday may be a great gift where he gets to travel and spend time with the family. If he loves to romance you, plan for a long weekend getaway just you and him – have the kids stay over at friends’ or with close relatives. This will take a great deal of planning, especially if you wish to keep it a surprise to be revealed only on his birthday. But it will be worth it!

If he likes to take off on his own, for treks or just to go meandering by himself on mountain trails or adventure holidays, gift it to him – this will delight him, especially if you tend to grudge him his ‘me-time’!