Unique Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Friend who is always by your side

We meet many people in our lives. However, the one that stays by our side is whom we call a true friend. Although we might know everything about our one best friend, it can become difficult to pick the perfect friendship day gift for this person. Since our best friends are dear to us, we willingly go an extra mile just for her to select the right gift for them.

Here are a few friendship day gift ideas for the friend who puts our happiness above her by being by on our side 24 x 7:

  1. Plaster Hand Mold
  2. Plaster hand mold is an iconic way to capture the essence of a strong friendship. To gift a plaster hand mold, all we have to do is hold ours and our best friend’s hand and dip it into the plaster. The final output of these impressions turns into one of the most prized possession of our life.

  3. Personalised Chocolates
  4. There is no denying that chocolates work well for every occasion. Whether it is a special occasion or a festival, the demand for chocolates is high. This friendship day, choose a personalised box of chocolates and add a special message for the best friend who has always been there.

    Friendship Day Gift Chocolates

  5. Literary Piece
  6. Friendship Day Gift-Literary piece

    Looking for a thoughtful friendship day gift for a best friend? A good piece of literature as a gift for friendship day is an excellent choice. Gift them with a signed copy from their favourite author to take them by surprise this friendship day.

  7. Wooden Plaque
  8. Our friends are our biggest support system. Although they mean the world to us, words fall short to express our love for them. Grab this opportunity to make them feel special this Friendship Day with a heartwarming message. Wrap a small wooden block with a piece of fabric and write down a friendship day message for them.

  9. Abstract Montage
  10. Ditch the regular photo frame this friendship day. Pick an enticing abstract montage that squeezes all the memories under a single roof. Let the pictures do the talking this friendship day through an abstract montage.

  11. Fanny Pack
  12. Fanny packs are tiny bags that go around the waist. These bags come in various styles to match everyone’s taste. It is a functional gift item that can be used while running errands or spending a casual day with friends.

    Friendship Day Gift- Fanny Pack

  13. Amusement Park Tickets
  14. Friendship Day Gift- Amusement Park Tickets

    Bring back the good old childhood days on Friendship day this year. Take the whole group of friends out to an amusement park to make the day full of fun and frolic. This year, celebrate friendship day hand in hand at an amusement park on different rides.

  15. Long Distance touch lamp
  16. Distance means so little when the bond is strong and unbreakable. Irrespective of the distance, we have friends who stick by our side. However, it becomes difficult to stay connected constantly at times when we are apart. Under such a scenario, surprise them with a long-distance touch lamp that lights up every time one of us thinks about the other.

    Friendship Day Gift- Long Distance touch lamp

  17. Audiobooks
  18. Popularly known as an audible subscription, it is a great gift for anyone who loves to read but doesn’t seem to make time for it. Bring out the reader in the friend who always complaints about lack of time. Surprise them with an audiobook with a free one-month subscription.

  19. Personalised champagne glasses
  20. Friendship Day Gift- Champagne Glass

    For sticking by our side, our best friends deserve an extra effort in the form of personalised gifts this year. This friendship day, think out of the box and gift them personalised champagne glasses. Buy a stylish pair of glasses for them and celebrate friendship day with a clink this year.

  21. Message pill jar
  22. Message capsules are an excellent way to tell best friends how much they mean to us. Surprise them with this message bottle that consists of notes inside each pill. Pour down the heart in all these pills and watch her well up with joy on reading it.

  23. BFF Pins
  24. A BFF pin is a great way to honour our partner-in-crime. Gift the longtime pal a BFF pin with an adorable style. It can be pinned to backpacks, satchels, denim jackets, etc. to amp the look.

    Whether it is a regular gift or personalised gifts, pick the one based on their taste and preference. This year, make friendship day about them by surprising them with gifts and praises. Happy Friendship Day, guys!