Unique Gifts & thoughtful personalised gifts for the Dad

How will you describe your father in a single word? While many of you might call him your guardian angel, the rest of you might see him as your superhero who goes an extra mile for you each time.

Since he leaves no tables unturned for you, it is time that you choose a perfect gift for him on every special occasion, such as Father’s Day, birthdays, to express your gratitude to him.

Gifting is usually difficult for fathers who seem to have everything in their hands. Since you might be in a dilemma about what to buy for your old man, here’s our list of gifts to help you cut down the chase from one store to the other:

  1. Personalised chocolate
  2. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the goodness of a box full of chocolates. Although chocolates are one of the timeless gifts, your job is not done here after buying a chocolate box. Put in some efforts and turn it into a personalised gift.

  3. An engraved watch
  4. Watches can never go wrong, especially when it is for your old man. Buy a chunky watch and engrave a meaningful quote on the backside of the dial. An engraved watch is a thoughtful gift for your dad that he will treasure for life.

    Unique Gifts For Dad Engraved Watch

  5. Vintage gifts
  6. Unique Gifts for Dad Vintage Gifts

    Many dads are fond of collecting vintage pieces that range from a piece of vintage clothing to antique lamps. If your father is a hoarder of vintage items too, it’s a good time to purchase a vintage gift for him that makes a statement in his collection. Invest in unique gifts for dad, such as a vintage compass, pocket watch, and so on.

  7. A jar of memories
  8. Use this opportunity to help your father recollect the fond memories between you two. Jot all these memories down in chits and seal the jar of memories. Let your father open it and wait for his reaction. Trust us, it is one of the most meaningful gift for dads that will take them down the memory lane.

    Unique Gifts for Dad Jar of Memories

  9. Charity donation
  10. Another one that counts as a meaning gift for your dad who has everything is a donation to a charity under his name. Look for a cause, such as a child education, animal protection that connects with your father at a personal level.

  11. Handwritten notes
  12. Unique Gifts for Dad Handwritten notes

    Every child has a special connection with their father. However, the father-child relationship is difficult to express in words. Use this day to your advantage and pour down all your feelings in that handwritten note. Watch your father well up and give him a big bear hug. He deserves that!

  13. Customized cufflinks
  14. Cufflinks are a statement accessory that can instantly glam up every man’s look. It is one of the unique gifts for a dad that impressively secures the cuffs of his shirt. Customise them and engrave his initials to add a personal touch to it.

    Unique Gifts for Dad Customized cufflinks

  15. Whisky barrel
  16. Unique Gifts for Dad Whiskey Barrel

    While you might be out there looking for a thoughtful gift for dad, don’t overlook the uniqueness of a whisky barrel. Turn this old-school gift into a customised one and look at the shock on your father’s face.

  17. Tickets to a fun game
  18. Tickets to a fun sports game is an excellent option for dads who have everything. Your father’s undying love for sports comes to your rescue. Buy two tickets and take him out to witness a cricket game at the stadium.

  19. Plants
  20. Have you recently observed that stress bogs your dad down? Don’t worry. Stress relieving plants, such as lavender, aloe vera, basil, and so forth is a meaningful gift for a dad who is dealing with anxiety issues or work pressure.

    Unique Gifts for Dad Plants

    Don’t get overwhelmed while buying gifts for him. Make the right pick that brings you closer to him on any special occasion that you celebrate with him. If you are the last-minute buyer, purchase father’s day gifts online to save time.