Unusual Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Girls love different things at different points in their lives - their tastes are likely to change drastically over the years. Plus, the no-one-size-fits-all approach is definitely out whatever the age. (Except in the one case you will read below.) Whether it is a baby girl’s first birthday gift idea or a last minute birthday gift for a teenage girl – it calls for careful consideration always. Here is our thoughtfully curated list of birthday gift ideas for girls. Read on, pick the ideas that come closest to your requirements, and tweak them to truly delight your special birthday girl.

Chocolate Gift Ideas: The Universal Gift

You simply cannot go wrong with a gift of chocolate! From the time she took her first bite of chocolate, any girl (or any human!) is likely to have become a fan for life. But CadburyGifting goes a step further. Check how to better your chocolate gift idea: personalise it with Cadbury’s chocolate by ordering online at CadburtyGifting.

We will personalise your gift of chocolate with a photo of your choice on the pack and a personal message for the giftee. Have this delivered as a surprise, or get it home and carry it with you when you drop in to wish the birthday girl. A chocolate gift idea to beat all chocolate ideas, for sure. (Add her favourite fresh fragrant flowers, and you’re in for a big hug.)

Best Birthday Gifts for the Teenage Girl

It’s like being on a rollercoaster – the teen years! Likes, and even more dislikes, are usually extreme in this phase of life. To decide on a birthday gift for a teenage girl is super challenging. Here’s an almost fail-safe idea: Get her two vouchers - one to buy clothes and beauty products, and one to indulge in any of her other interests, from books and music to art supplies and exotic foods.

Use a creative gift wrapping idea to pack the vouchers along with a nicely personalised bar of Cadbury’s Silk chocolate with her photo and a message on the pack. These work well as best gift ideas for a teenage daughter, as well.

Gifts for a Teenage Sister

If the teenager happens to be your sister, you are at an advantage. You know her quirks, pet peeves and loves well. Tailor your gifts accordingly. If there are particular chores she does at home that you know she hates, offer to take them on for a duration; if you know the Internet thrift shop she enjoys buys trinkets from, buy her a dozen of her type of things; if she watches her weight, get her a hamper of some new-on-shelf organic snacks…

Birthday Gifts for an Elder Sister

If the ‘girl’ in question is your older sibling, what is the gift you can give her? Your elder sister is likely to stay rather busy with a hectic schedule. Your gift should therefore be something that helps ease her day or relaxes her. If she is a new mother, offer to look after the baby, giving her much needed time off to do what she likes; if your elder sister works long hours studying or working, gift her an indulgent at-home massage; offer to give her a 30-minute head and shoulder rub; or a home pedicure.

And as for comfort food, gift her the large Satin Potli from CadburyGifting filled with her favourite Silk chocolate bars or a pack of Silk miniatures to take sweet breaks from her schedule. No better birthday gift for elder sisters!

For Baby Girl: First Birthday Gift Ideas

Urban baby girls are much pampered and have everything that they could possibly want in their little lives. But here’s a gift she cannot have enough of (Mommy will be thanking you too!) – a large cache of dainty, disposable diapers. Sweeten this thoughtful but very practical gift with a personalised cane basket chocolate hamper from CaburyGifting for the family – the baby’s support system. The personalised message in the chocolate hamper will be one of the congratulations and best of luck with the baby! As we know, bringing up a baby is not an easy task, and the family needs all the good wishes to do a good job.

Gift Ideas for 18th Birthday Girl

This one needs to be super special. She steps onto adulthood, and so the gift must stand out and be truly meaningful to mark the occasion. If it is safe to do so, gift her a stay at a luxury resort in the city or on the outskirts for a weekend with her best friend. Drive over and drop them off yourself. Or get her an appointment with a designer and gift her a tailored designer outfit, made for her especially. The idea is to take her by surprise with the gift. Hand over the bookings with a box of Cadbury Silk chocolates in a pack that has her photo and an ‘I Love You’ message.

Give this a spin, and you can work these as the best birthday gift idea for your wife, as well! (Of course, you must replace the best friend with yourself.)

Hope you found something to help you make up your mind on the perfect gift for your special girl!