Useful Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees, Family and Friends

It’s Diwali again and time to put on your thinking cap to decide how best to express your appreciation of colleagues and love and affection for family and friends. So we, at Cadbury Gifting, decided to do some thinking for you! Instead of going down the time-tested route of sweets and dry fruit, why not come up with innovative gift ideas that your circle of friends and family will not only love but also find useful throughout the year?

Here are some ideas that you could consider.

Useful Diwali Gifts for Employees

1. Fitness tracker

This will have a dual purpose. It will inspire your colleagues and employees to think about their fitness and keep healthy. And, being healthy, they will be more active and productive! There is a huge range available at price points starting from the low end to very high from the better-known brands. This is definitely a gift that your employees will thank you for.

2. Backpack

Travel is quite a craze these days, especially after two years of a lockdown/almost lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. So why not gift something that will be useful on the trips that your employees are planning? This also happens to be the gender-neutral gift that will work for everyone and comes in a huge range of prices and quality to choose from.

3. Gift vouchers

If you’re not certain what to choose for your employees, it might be best to opt for a store that has a wide range of products and send your employees gift vouchers from the store. They could be either physical or electronic and the best part is that they would allow your employees to buy exactly what they need for Diwali.

4. Personalised Diwali gifts from Cadbury Gifting

Diwali gifts from Cadbury Gifting can be a very useful tool to boost morale, motivation, and productivity of your employees. You could pick the Personalised Satin Potli with Chocolates & Cadbury Silk Bar Hamper or the Personalised Satin Potli with Chocolates & Cadbury Silk Bar Hamper or the Personalised Diwali Cadbury Chocolate Gift Box from our range. A personalised Diwali gift with a special message from the management as well as a photo of the employee being presented with the gift is a powerful way to show how much you value the employee. Interesting messages based on the strengths of the employees such as ‘marketing hero’ or ‘best team player’ will no doubt make them happy and eager to maintain or better their track record.

Useful Diwali Gifts for Family/Home

1. Silver puja thali

Silver is always a great option for a Diwali gift for those you love most in this world. But rather than just go for a decorative item, why not get something that you know will be used for puja not just on Diwali every year but on all family pujas? A silver puja thali with two silver diyas would be perfect for any prayer.

2. Stationary exercise cycle

Why not gift the family something that everyone – in every age group – can use to keep healthy? After all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The stationary exercise cycle helps burn calories and body fat effectively while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles, so give the family a gift of health. The cycle can be adjusted to any height and requirement.

3. A work of art

This Diwali brings something into the house that will give the family joy for years to come. For that is what a work of art does. It could be a painting by an artist the entire family loves or a sculpture or an installation. Winters are also the time when most galleries have exhibitions on, so make space for more beauty in your family’s life and go ahead and get it!

4. Dinner set

You’ve been thinking for the longest time that it is time to give away the old dinner set you use every day of your life and bring some change in. Diwali’s the time to do it. There is a huge range of beautiful dinner sets to choose from available in the stores to suit every pocket and taste. A family that eats together stays together – and this is a good way to strengthen that bond of love.

Useful Diwali Gifts for Friends

1. Potted plants

Potted plants are a great way to show your love by the way of gifts. Not only do they brighten up the area where they are kept but can also keep it air pollution free – especially important around Diwali time when the air does suffer a downgrade. Some indoor plants such as Areca Palm, Philodendron, Rubber Plant or Peace Lily are especially good air cleaners and will make great green gifts for your friends.

2. Air fryer

What better way to show that you care about your friend’s health than to gift them an air fryer? Since this kitchen appliance uses air rather than oil to cook items such as potato wedges, and friend chicken – food that everyone loves – it is a great healthy alternative to traditional cooking methods. You can be sure that your friends will truly appreciate this thought.

3. Cushion covers

There’s no better way to brighten up a home than colourful, tastefully designed and placed cushions. So why not gift your friend a riot of joy from one of your favourite stores to remind her/him of you every day? You can choose from a range of shapes, sizes and colours basis your friend’s taste.

4. Personalised tea/coffee mugs

How about making things really personal and presenting tea/coffee mugs that have names and even faces of your friends printed on them? It would not only make them feel special but also be something they can use every day of their lives. There are many online gifting companies that you can contact to do personalised printing for you.

Hopefully, you will find these suggestions useful for gifting this Diwali.

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