Valentine’s Day gifts, date ideas & everything else

It’s another year; it’s another Valentine’s Day. Romantic date ideas, Valentine’s Day gifts, secret proposals – everyone’s going to be talking about them. But there aren’t enough ideas out there for a holiday that only makes its appearance once a year. Thinking of brilliant ideas to impress your significant other. What’s the best way to make this V-day an unforgettable experience for your partner? Perhaps, the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can find and some quality time (secret little rendezvous are counted too).

While your partner may not need any extravagant dates, it all comes down to what they prefer. Most people are simply happy with even a little amount of effort that their partner puts into planning a Valentine’s Day surprise for them.

Cook a delicious meal

There’s just something romantic about cooking your partner’s favourite meal. It’s the thought that goes behind it – wanting your partner to find comfort in their favourite food. If you’d like to make it a fun experience, why not involve them in it too? Set the mood with a few candles and a Spotify playlist, and get cooking! Don’t forget to indulge in the aphrodisiacs that put you in the mood for some lovin’. The two of you can even bake a cake together and decorate it to celebrate the special day if cooking isn’t your forte. As for more dessert, there’s always Cadbury Valentine chocolate.

Cooking and sharing a meal together are great ways to strengthen your bond. Remember when you first got together? Remember the honeymoon phase? Or your first fight? They’re all good topics of conversation at the dinner table. As long as you have a light-hearted and fun conversation, you’re all good.

Go Valentine’s gifts shopping together

Why do the same old, boring routine of meeting someplace for a date? Spice it up with a twist. Go shopping for Valentine’s gifts but TOGETHER. Here’s the plan: Set a time limit of about 2 hours to shop for each other while still keeping the gifts a surprise. No cheating, no peeking allowed. You can pick a shopping centre or a mall that has everything you’ll need for this activity. When your time’s up, decide on a spot to meet to exchange your Valentine’s gifts. Now how you want to go about this fun idea is all up to you, just as long as the gifts turn out to be a surprise in the end.

This is a brilliant way for couples that haven’t had the chance to buy each other a present beforehand or ones that may not have the time to do so. It’s also fun if you’re new to the dating scene and haven’t gone shopping together.

Watch online comedy shows to tickle your funny bone

With the pandemic still in place, there are several stand-up comedians that host their shows online. The concept of online shows has taken over the internet, with several people now tuning in straight from their rooms. There’s minimum effort involved, and of course, it’s all in the comfort of your own home.

If you both love watching standup comedy and sharing a laugh or two together, jump on this bandwagon. Get tickets to a comedy show because there’s nothing like a bunch of hearty laughs and some cuddling to get the romance going! Don’t forget to add delicious snacks to the mix.

TIP: The Dairy Milk Silk Valentine special chocolates are a must-have snack during the show.

Take a walk down memory lane

When we say this, we mean literally take a walk. Re-visit some of your old date spots or places that are significant to your relationship. Maybe somewhere you first met? Or someplace that the two of you have been to before – a park, a museum or even your old college campus.

If you’ve been together for a long time, there’s surely a list of places you can visit. This will be a good activity to re-live some of those past memories and bring back the nostalgia.

Get matching custom Valentine’s Day gifts

Whether it’s matching tattoos, matching jewellery or matching t-shirts – the idea behind this is to get something that is unique to the two of you alone. Custom valentine’s gifts add a sense of personal touch and symbolise the attachment the two of you have towards each other. These exhibit exclusiveness since there probably might not be any other like this specific couple Valentine’s gift.

By all means, make sure that whatever you choose to do, your partner feels special. Exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts may seem like the norm, but spending quality time with them is better than any lover’s day gift. The fact that you are simply choosing to be with them and make memories is the best way to remind your partner how much they mean to you.