Various Days of Valentine’s Week – Rose, Propose, Chocolate Day and more

Season’s Greetings to All!


As the month of Love and Romance is approaching, couples and lovers are seen to come together, in ways unique to each of them, to display their feelings for their respective partners. After all, this romantic month of February isn’t just about expressing feelings, but also creating a bond that’s special for lovers both old and new. Besides that, it is also considered to be a day where people show their love and respect to their parents, friends and those close to their hearts.

Celebrated on the 14th of February, this day sets a general tone of adulation for the whole week before it and is known with particular names. To set a flavor of love in people’s lives, various symbols are used showing cupids, and gifts with heart-shaped molds, and many more. The week marks off with a significant day more popularly called as Rose Day and ends with Valentine’s Day, the most-awaited day of the week. Therefore, let’s begin knowing a little about each day and its importance before we walk into the month of February.

Rose Day (Friday, 7 February 2020)

Valentine’s Day marks off with Rose Day where couples exchange roses, a way to express their feelings for the other, and is considered to be a greatest symbol of love from times immemorial. Instead of going the conventional way, you can plan a surprise for your sweethearts to make them feel special. Since roses serve as the best medium for lovers to greet each other with admiration, a language familiar only to hearts, a bouquet of multi-colored roses or just red roses will instantly light up those loving hearts.

Propose Day (Saturday, 8 February 2020)

If you’ve missed letting out your heart to your loved one, then this is the day! For people who have been waiting for an opportunity to express themselves to their crushes or special ones in colleges or maybe a girl living in the neighborhood, then this is the day where you can seize the opportunity. Its significance is marked off as the day when lovers spill their hearts out to their respective partners, quite literally. Some go out planning a surprise for their beloved incorporating things that are most dear to their partner. Some plan on going down their knees with a ring and flowers, which ideally is the best way to win over hearts. Propose day gives a chance to people to go outright speaking about their feelings for that ‘someone’ they want for the rest of the life.

Chocolate Day (Sunday, 9 February 2020)

The third day of Valentine’s week marks the day where you can express yourself through the best mode – chocolates. 9th February Chocolate Day is one of the best days in the week and hence makes a special place in the week of love. To make it special, people woo their partners by gifting delicious chocolates coupled with a bouquet, card or a ring. Since chocolates speak to the hearts of both men and women, make sure you find the best way to express yourself to your beloved. Getting personalised chocolates are the finest means of voicing your heart to your much-loved partner and we at Cadbury are proficient in it. Choose from an array of delightful Valentine’s chocolate boxes and personalize them with messages for your partner. There’s nothing much merrier than gifting a beautifully-designed box of delectable sweet treats to your companion for it’s a sure-fire way of pleasing them.

Teddy Day (Monday, 10 February 2020)

Teddies are the most-famous among other toys to be loved by every girl. People can display their love to their companion by sending teddies in adorable styles symbolizing love. A teddy bear holding a hand-written message on a card will make a special gift for your girl and will remind her of you.

Promise Day (Tuesday, 11 February 2020)

This day comes not just with promises to be besides each other, but also with a load of commitments and responsibilities. Promises are meant to symbolize commitments and this day is just what partners make to their beloved. Couples make new promises to strengthen their bonds, for aren’t relationships all about fulfilling promises and standing by what you swore?

Hug Day (Wednesday, 12 February 2020)

This day says it all! Go on and give your warmest and bear-est hugs to your dearest ones. It gives a chance to all lovers and married couples to express their sincere feelings by hugging each other. Like the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words’, similarly a mere show of affection like a hug speaks a million words than uttered through bare mouth.

Kiss Day (Thursday, 13 February 2020)

One of the most-awaited days by many young couples, Kiss Day is a golden day to pat and makeup. Kiss is one of the most-passionate expressions of love; and its one of the purest ways to exchange your feeling for your beloved lying in the corner of your heart.

Valentine Day (Friday, 14 February 2020)

The wait finally gets over on this day! All the above days culminate to this one big day, Valentine’s Day, where you can get innovative in every way to show that you care and you love. Couples spend quality time and exchange gifts of affection. You can also personalize your gift by getting a basket of customized chocolates from Cadbury to make the moment extra special.

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