Various Days of Valentine’s Week – Rose, Propose, Chocolate Day and more

Calling out all the lovers. Its here and arriving faster. Set a reminder. Block the dates. It’s time to embrace the magical Valentine’s Week starting from the 7th Feb. Not only do couples reunite across the globe but also express their love for each other during this period.

Ahead of the day, couples prepare for Valentine’s week to shower each other with admiration, praises, and compliments. The week that begins with Chocolate Day on 9th February comes to an end with lots of mushy love on the 14th of February. It’s a magical period for all the lovers, indeed! So, come let’s welcome the 7 beautiful days of Valentine’s week with open arms:

Valentine’s Week
Week Day
Rose Day Sunday 7th February 2021
Propose Day Monday 8th February 2021
Chocolate Day Tuesday 9th February 2021
Teddy Day Wednesday 10th February 2021
Promise Day Thursday 11th February 2021
Hug Day Friday 12th February 2021
Kiss Day Saturay 13th February 2021
Happy Valentine’s Day Sunday 14th February 2021

  1. Rose Day (7 February 2021)
  2. It’s time to pick a beautiful rose for your gorgeous one. Brace yourselves as Valentine’s week kicks in with Rose Day on the 7th of February. On this day, they exchange vibrant roses to express their feelings for one another. And guess what? These roses are particularly given on this Day are a symbol of true love. Quite interesting, right?

    Valentines Week-Rose day

  3. Propose Day (8 February 2021)
  4. Valentines Week-Propose day

    We see you’ve caught feelings for someone truly special. Well, brace yourselves as it’s time to pour out your heart. Say it out loud to the one on the second day on this Day of Valentine’s Week in Feb: Propose Day! You can plan a surprise for the person most dear to you on this day. Be ready to make the one you love yours forever!

  5. Chocolate Day (9 February 2021)
  6. The third day of Valentine’s week marks the day where you can express yourself through the best mode – chocolates. 9th February Chocolate Day is one of the best days in the week and hence makes a special place in the week of love. To make it special, people woo their partners by gifting delicious chocolates coupled with a bouquet, card or a ring. Since chocolates speak to the hearts of both men and women, make sure you find the best way to express yourself to your beloved. Getting personalised chocolates are the finest means of voicing your heart to your much-loved partner and we at Cadbury are proficient in it. Choose from an array of delightful Valentine’s chocolate boxes and personalize them with messages for your partner. There’s nothing much merrier than gifting a beautifully-designed box of delectable sweet treats to your companion for it’s a sure-fire way of pleasing them.

    Valentines Week-Chocolate day

  7. Teddy Day (10 February 2021)
  8. Valentines Week-Teddy day

    There’s nothing more adorable than receiving the fluffiest teddy bear. So, pamper the one you love with this furry animal to make their day memorable. You can add a personal message on its tummy to remind your girl of you every time.

  9. Promise Day (11 February 2021)
  10. It’s a day beyond love. It’s a day for commitments and responsibilities for years to come from now. So, don’t just make a promise to love each other for a lifetime, but a promise to support and motivate each other from this day onwards.

    Valentines Week-Promise day

  11. Hug Day (12 February 2021)
  12. Valentines Week-Hug day

    A hug goes a long way. And this day says it all! Go on and give the warmest hug to your dearest ones. After all, a hug gives everyone a chance to express their sincere feelings.

  13. Kiss Day (13 February 2021)
  14. One of the most-awaited days to seal the deal! It’s Kiss Day. Get ready to steal a kiss from the one you love on the seventh day of Valentine’s week. Make the day memorable by planning a date night and giving special Valentine’s Day gifts to your loved one.

    Valentines Week-Kiss day

  15. Valentine’s Day (14 February 2021)
  16. Valentines Week-Valentine Day

    The week finally comes to an end with Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February! Not only does this day mark a new beginning for the newly formed bonds over the week but also strengthens the lifelong relationships. So, make sure that make the final count with Valentine’s Day surprises for her or him.

    Hold your horses for a little longer, people. It’s almost time for something indeed fairytale-like. The romantic season of love is arriving faster. So, get ready to welcome it with love and only love. Happy Valentine’s week loves!

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