Diwali Hampers

Exchanging gifts has long been a significant tradition for the past few generations when it comes to Diwali. Giving and receiving meaningful gifts or traditional mithai is something we all look forward to during this festive season. It’s no surprise that some conversations revolve around Diwali gifts for family or placing bets on how many Diwali sweets gift packs or Diwali Hampers you’ll receive. It’s also an occasion to spend time with your loved ones – whether it’s chitchatting for hours, teaching your little ones the significance of the festive traditions, or simply enjoying a meal together. In the end, it all comes back to making time for the most important people around you to make them happy.

Now more than ever is the best time to bring joy into other people’s lives. It is rightfully said that the act of giving (especially to a community that is less fortunate than you) gives you an immeasurable amount of happiness. In a time where the world is so competitive and where some people rarely give without expecting something in return, it’s your turn to make a difference. The power of giving and the joy of helping others can truly change the way the world works. No matter how small the contribution, spreading joy in the littlest of ways could go a long way.

Here are some ways you can do something different with just a few acts of kindness and make this Diwali a chocolate Diwali :

Distribute Diwali chocolate boxes at a local orphanage

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Especially kids, they love it. The sparkle in their eyes and their beautiful smiles is a priceless sight. And the best part is, it doesn’t take much to make children happy. While putting together a Diwali hamper on your own can be tough, it’s not that hard to find chocolate Diwali gifts online. Why not get the Warm Wishes Kids Potli designed for the little ones? It contains 1 unit of Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, 1 unit of Cadbury Chocobakes, 1 of unit Gems Surprise, 1 unit of Silk Oreo, 1 unit of Dairy Milk Lickables, and 1 of unit Dairy Milk. Sounds good? It is. And if time permits you, planning a visit to deliver these goodies yourself could make them even happier. Don’t be shy to invite your family and friends also to join you while you’re there. It will certainly teach you a lesson or two about spreading love and making this Diwali a very memorable affair.

Celebrate Diwali at an old age home in your city

Nothing can top Daadi Ma’s stories of the past. It’s always fun to see those animated expressions when grandparents bicker or have a nostalgic moment among themselves. Now imagine a room full of them with so many stories to share.

We’re often taught to appreciate our elders and give back what we can. Diwali makes for the perfect occasion to do the same. You can arrange for a day to spend some quality time at an old age home to bring some light into the lives of the senior residents in your city. How about bringing them a little gift too? This heart-warming gesture will be repaid in generous blessings and goodwill. For those of you wondering what makes for good Diwali hamper ideas, we’ve got you.

Coming up with good Diwali gifts for elderly people isn’t as hard as it sounds. It’s almost as close to buying Diwali gifts for parents. There are plenty of ways you can make them feel special. For instance, puzzles and board games are a fun way to kill time for those who love a mental challenge. Books and magazines are also quite helpful to help them keep up with the current trends. Another brilliant yet thoughtful idea would be warm socks to keep them toasty in the winters. And for the ones with a notorious sweet tooth, the Celebrations Assorted Pack is sure to warm their hearts. This pack includes 2 units of Cadbury Dairy Milk, 1 unit of Cadbury 5 Star, and 1 unit of Gems – just enough happy Diwali chocolate and a generous variety of yumminess all-in-one. Moreover, if you feel generous enough, you could always bake some goodies, and you might just go back home with a whole new fan club.

Get a Diwali gift for employees that are ever reliable

We’re talking about the nanny, the handyman, the house help, the gardener, and every other person that has assisted you with your chores. They all need appreciation from time to time for doing the tough and relatively complicated jobs. While offering an incentive is great, a small token of appreciation is a great way to show how grateful you are for their efforts. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they need, so you don’t end up giving them a gift that seems irrelevant to them. Secret tip: You could always put your kids up to the mission of finding out what they like.

Diwali gift hampers for employees could include a Diwali sweets gift box coupled with a warm sweater (winter is coming after all). Or if they’re from out of town, you could always pay for their tickets back home to see their family. On that note, it’s also a good idea to get them something that they could use to celebrate with their families – a Diwali chocolate gift pack like the Warm Wishes Cane Basket with Brass Diya, for starters! This delicious basket of confectionaries can be personalised to fit any 3 chocolates from the Dairy Milk Silk range, 1 unit of Oreo Milkshake Carton, 3 units of Oreo Vanilla Crème biscuits each, and a brass diya. You know they’ll love it!

These Diwali sweets gift ideas combined with other thoughtful gifts are an effective way to spread some #joyinsideandout. You can make a difference in the lives of many and also experience the true spirit of this festive season. So, start planning now!