Why Chocolate is a part of Easter Celebrations and Gifting

Easter being a Christian festival, is a commemoration that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified on a day called Good Friday and then resurrected and brought back to life on an Easter Sunday. This marks an important day in the Christian calendar.

However, in the modern days, activities like making Easter eggs, an Easter bunny, and chocolates form a significant part of the Easter celebration, along with other chores like spending time at a church or having a get together with selected close family members and friends for an Easter special meal.

In all of the traditions mentioned above, what is the actual significance of an Easter egg?

Kids and adults both love to munch on chocolate eggs at Easter. However, in the olden days consuming eggs in the week leading up to Easter was prohibited by the church leaders as it was considered to be a holy week. Therefore, any eggs hatched during that week were stashed away and decorated to make them appear like sacred eggs. These were then handed over to children as gifts. This tradition was later adopted by the Victorians with satin-wrapped cardboard eggs filled with a variety of Easter gifts. Today, this has emerged as a fun tradition that many people enjoy.

Why are they made of chocolates?

A fun fact – the very first chocolate eggs were introduced in the 19th Century in Germany and France, but they were bitter and hard. With time, chocolate-making techniques evolved, and then hollow eggs were developed. Soon they gained popularity and since then remained a favourite tradition among chocolate lovers till today, where Easter chocolates are the most-awaited treats everyone longs for.

Nevertheless, chocolates form an essential part of Easter celebrations. Since eggs laid during the week of Easter is preserved and decorated in biblical patterns to symbolize the resurrection of Christ on Easter, it became a new-age tradition of consuming chocolate eggs at Easter. Chocolates in the shape of eggs represent new life while adding a fun twist to the ancient religious rituals that stemmed in Europe during the wee 19th Century.

Since eating chocolates has been an age-old tradition at Easter, now gifting your loved ones is comfortable with Easter chocolates in various styles. Everyone loves relishing a sweet treat during Easter. Thus, to maintain the tradition of gifting, all you need to do is get creative and either fill a basket with exquisite chocolates or look for Easter gifts online to add fun to the celebrations. You could either put your baking gloves on and prepare a variety of speckled eggs and foiled bunnies as Easter gift ideas for kids or curate a beautiful hamper with handpicked chocolates, Easter bunnies and eggs as Easter gift ideas for adults.

Whatever you choose, ensure to make your holiday sweet yet sophisticated with Easter chocolates that can be personalised in your desired style and flavour. Chocolates have and will always be an integral part of every tradition and festival that’s celebrated in India or all over the world. They spark a beam straight through the heart of the receiver, especially when they are customised and echoes exclusivity. Personalised chocolate serves as an appropriate for all age groups; after all, who doesn’t love chocolates?

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