10 Women’s Day Celebration Ideas 2023

International Women’s Day marks an occasion to celebrate women and their achievements in all walks of life. It is also a day for everyone to think about the contribution the women in your life make to everything you do and stand for. And to offer appreciation and thanks that these women are a part of your life. We’ve come up with some Women's Day celebration ideas that you might find useful.

Women's Day Celebrations

1. Organise a special lunch

What better way to celebrate all the special women in your life – wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend – than to take them out for a fabulous meal all together? And while they are all enjoying each other’s company, the ambience and the meal, don’t forget to tell them how much they mean to you.

2. Create video messages of appreciation

Send video messages to all the women who have a special place in your life to express your appreciation of all they have contributed to make you what you are today. It doesn’t have to be a serious message –you could do a funny one, as long as you get your message across.

3. Create special Women’s Day T-shirts

Order Women’s Day T-shirts online with a special message from you on each or an image of the lady you plan to give the T-shirt to thank her. But make sure you act on time because you need to order well ahead on March 8 (Women’s Day).

4. Have a women-centric movie evening

Think of all the women-centric movies that you love (Erin Brockovich comes to mind) and make a play list. Get together all the women you admire in your life and organise an evening of bonhomie watching movies based on the lives of truly inspirational women.

5. Organise a Woman’s Day picnic

Get a family and friends picnic going on Women’s Day but ensure that all the men do the work and organise the picnic. Make sure you have enough food, drinks and games as well as durries, etc. Also take some surprise gifts that the men can present to the women they love in a mock awards ceremony!

Women's Day Gift Ideas

6. Send chocolates from Cadbury Gifting

As a token of appreciation for all they do for you, send the women in your life some delicious Cadbury chocolates as gifts. You have a special Women’s Day gift range to choose from: Cookies Tin Box, Cadbury Milk Silk Bar Box, Thank You Gift Box or the Satin Potli, all bursting with gooey goodness.

7. Gift inspirational books

Give each woman who has played a stellar role in your life a book to show your appreciation but ensure that the book you choose is about woman as exceptional as the one you are presenting it to. There are many biographies/autobiographies of women who have truly shown the world the way available.

8. Gift plants

Not only do plants make people happy but indoor plants also cleanse air so they are an eco-friendly gift. Some plants such as mother-in-law’s tongue, ficus, aloe vera, English ivy, dragon plant, to name a few, have excellent air-purifying qualities and are just the gift to say thank you with to the special women in your life.

9. Personalised tea/coffee mugs

Show appreciation of the women in your life by presenting each one with Women's Day gifts of tea/coffee mugs that have their names and even a unique message for them printed on them? It would not only make them feel special but also be something they can use every day of their lives. There are many online gifting companies that you can contact to do the personalised printing for you.

10. Present gift vouchers

Say thank you by pampering the women in your life by presenting them gift vouchers for their favourite stores. Not only will they benefit from some retail therapy but also pick up a gift they will remember you by.

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