Women's Day gift ideas for your favourite ladies who live away

Long-distance relationships can be hard, whether it’s a romantic one or a platonic one. The absence of the other person means there needs to be more communication involved to keep things going. Now in a time like this, giving gifts could be a love language that will help your relationships stay afloat. The list of Women's Day gift ideas is countless but here are a few thoughtful & simple ones out of the lot, which will make the special ladies in your life feel loved and appreciated. Remember, gifting isn’t the only love language out there but it can make a huge difference when your presence isn’t around.

Women's Day gifts that you can DIY

When we say DIY, we mean putting in that 100% effort to build something from scratch. It could be a Women's Day gift hampers or something as simple as a thank you card, it’s the thought that counts. You know what your favourite ladies like.

1) A snack box for the foodie lover

It’s simple: Put together all her favourite snacks from wafers to candy, anything that she’s fond of, and have it sent to her address. For the chocolate lovers, you’ve got so many options at Cadbury like the Cookies Tin Box, Dark Noir Selection, Silk Selection & more. After all, chocolates have reigned as the superior gift for decades now.

2) A photo book for hoarding memories

Have someone that snaps a photograph for memory before every major moment? They’d love this idea. Print out or make a digital photo book of memories: Add in cute messages, some never-seen-before photos, and a few inside jokes to make it extra personal.

3) A handwritten letter for the romantics

Is your favourite lady a romantic at heart? Woo her with a handwritten letter. There’s nothing as good as an old-fashioned letter to express your thoughts & feelings. Everyone has written one at some point and is probably the easiest to do out of everything so far. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as you’re able to communicate with the other person. This gesture although small can make a world of a difference to someone.

Gift for Women's Day: When you want to go all out

Got a little extra to splurge this Women's Day? Make it unforgettable. Now, if you’re going to do something big, might as well do it right. If not, what’s the point? Go big or go home.

1) Book a weekend staycation

Nothing like winding down and relaxing on a weekend. You can practically feel all the stress melt away and it’s a great way to prepare yourself for the new week. If that is how you want your favorite lady to feel, then you know what to do. Book a weekend staycation at a resort or a country home, somewhere where one is more likely to stay attached to their gadgets and more likely to indulge in a fun activity. She can always go by herself or you can make sure you make arrangements to have someone she trusts to go along.

2) Send her on a shopping spree

If she’s a retail therapy kind of girl, she’s bound to love this. Ask your giftee to pick a couple of things she wants as Women's Day gifts or simply request a wishlist and buy a few of the items. Being away means you certainly can’t spend the day with the person but perhaps they can have a fun day at the mall at your expense.

3) Surprise her with an all-expenses-paid meal at a restaurant

The best way to get through to someone is through food. While sharing a meal with that person may be impossible, you can still make sure they enjoy their favourite meal (this is a whole different kind of love language to show affection).

Even when you are physically far away, technology has now made it easier for people to connect. So, no more excuses! Make your move today and show your special lady what she really means.