Wondering what to gift a girl on her Birthday? Here’s the perfect solution!

Your girl bestie is unlike anyone else in your life - she’s always there to cheer for you, appreciate you, parent you, drill sense into you, scold you, comfort you, and above all, unconditionally love you. For all that she does, and for all that she is, you know that she deserves the best, especially when the occasion is that of her birthday. Are you finding it impossible to find something that matches the deep bond you both share or conveys what you feel for her? Well, it is not exactly impossible if you’re wondering what to gift a girl on her birthday – help is here! CadburyGifting has unique and exceptional gifting solutions for you to celebrate her birthday and your everlasting bond of friendship. Read on and discover ideas that are as exceptional as your BFF and a true expression of your love for her. These ideas will surely inspire you to get unique birthday gifts for her that she will hold dear to her heart!

Your style of gifting could be humorous, sentimental, lavish, no-nonsense or a little bit of all of it; here are some personalised gifting ideas that are meaningful, do not cost a bomb, and will touch your BFF’s heart, which is, of course, a priceless experience! All you will need is some advance planning! So let’s raise a toast to your friendship and start exploring some unique gifting ideas!

Trust your instinct when thinking what to gift a girl bestie on her birthday

Whether it’s a school project or an assignment at work, a new restaurant you want to check out or a new guy you like but are too shy to talk to, a promotion or a setback, whether you need to take a vacation or spend a day doing nothing at all, the only person who is there with you through all of this and more is your bestie. She may be the smartest girl in the town, but when it comes to you, she follows her heart. So you trust your instinct when thinking what to gift a girl bestie on her birthday.

Despite all the time you spend together, you both always have a million things to tell each other. You can make a journal for her, as a keepsake, where you can jot down at least some of those things – your inside jokes, the things you love (and hate) about each other, some cherished memories etc. Add the Cadbury’s Happy Birthday Neon Box, filled with the chocolates you choose (you definitely know the ones she will love), and bearing her name for that personal touch, and what you have a truly magical gift for your best friend!

Make it truly special when you decide what gift to give a girl on her birthday

Near or far, your BFF is always dear to you. Like she lights up your world and makes life beautiful, you can get a gift that lights up her space and adds some fragrance too! Yes, it’s scented candles! Get a Cadbury’s Warm Wishes Satin Potli with chocolates of her choice and let her know how she has sweetened your life with her love.

Key chains with personalised initials also make wonderful gifts if you are still wondering what gift to give a girl on her birthday. Complete the keychain with a charm in her favourite colour, and stick it on a Cadbury’s Happy Birthday Tin Box (you can choose your mix of chocolates in it), and she will certainly be delighted with this thoughtful gift!

If your friend is a fitness enthusiast or a dedicated gym-goer, you could get her some cool and handy exercise equipment that she can carry with her when she needs to travel and will have to miss her gym sessions. A Cadbury’s Warm Wishes Silk Bar will complete the package beautifully, and this creative birthday gift idea for best friend will become a memorable one!

For the makeup lover diva, you can pick up cosmetics of her favourite brand. Get a pouch for her to carry them in. Her zodiac sign printed or embroidered on the pouch would add a more personal touch to the gift and strike a chord! A Cadbury’s Warm Wishes Cane Basket with jute potli containing your chosen mix of chocolates and cosmetics is the best birthday gift for girl best friend and will add to the thrill of her birthday!

For the adventure junkie, the best gift could be a day spent trekking or rock climbing or zip-lining or bungee jumping. Be sure to check that all safety measures are in place and that you both wear the right gear for the activity.

You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine – get one that both of you can enjoy celebrating her birthday. The Cadbury’s Dark and Divine Gift Box will be a perfect match to the wine and will be the best gift for the best friend.

Quirky ideas for what gift to give a girl on her 18th birthday

18th birthday is a significant milestone for a teenager, and you would wish to give your bestie something exquisite. A customised portrait of the two of you, framed and wrapped beautifully, is a gift that she will cherish forever. You can add a special touch to it with Cadbury’s Warm Wishes Satin Potli or Dark and Divine Gift Box with video personalisation and make it a fun birthday gift for best friend!

With CadburyGifting, there is no end to the number of ways you can make your best friend’s birthday a memorable one. So wait no more, get inspired by these gift ideas for best friend and start planning right away!