Rakhi 2022: Why Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated & How to Celebrate

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the Shravan month as per the Hindu lunisolar calendar. It celebrates the sibling bond of brother and sister’s love and is celebrated prominently in the Northern and Western states of India. In some places, there is variation, including additional festivals celebrated along with it. However, the essence of the festive celebration remains the same, which is the tying of the Rakhi thread on the wrist of the brother’s hand. The importance of rakhi festival is an age-old tradition that ensures the bond between the brother and sister. The initial concept of Rakhi was all about the brother protecting the sister but, with changing times, the concept has eventually evolved, and with it has changed the rakhi celebrations.

Importance of Rakhi festival in today’s generation

With modernisation reaching every nook and corner of India, festivals have also been influenced by the cultural shift.

This change makes it all the more prominent to celebrate rakhi in a way that is individualistic to the bond you and your brothers and sisters share. Keeping the traditions in mind, yet following your heart. No two pairs of brothers and sisters share the same bond; there is a different paradigm that is known to just them. Rakhi celebrations are just another way of establishing that bond in a way that seems right to oneself.

We may have lost touch with the real world, but real relationships are something we should always cherish. One such relation is, of course, the equation between a brother and a sister, thus, marking the importance of rakhi and making it all the more relevant for today’s time.

How is Rakhi Celebrated

  • On this auspicious day, the sister prepares a Rakhi Thali (plate), which should include a small ghee lamp, Akshat (rice preferably mixed with turmeric), a Kumkum to apply as tilak, a Rakhi and a sweet.
  • She then conducts a puja in puja altar and offer prayers to Deity along with the family.
  • The brother wearing new clothes and a cap or placing a cloth on his head, sits on the stool, preferably facing the East or North direction.
  • The sister then applies tilak on the forehead of the brother and ties a Rakhi on the right wrist of the brother, all the while praying for each other.

    Rakshabandhan traditional food and sweets

    On this auspicious day, there are a lot of sweets that are considered the traditional way of celebrating, amongst which are the following :

  • Kheer: A sweet dish and a type of pudding made out of milk and usually rice.
  • Ghevar: It is a disc-shaped sweet cake made with maida and then soaked in sugar syrup.
  • Motichoor laddu: These are ball-shaped sweets made mainly with gram flour, sugar, and spices.

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    Rakhi gift suggestion

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