Bournvita presents Forced Packs

It’s time to stop forcing kids. It’s time to show #FaithNotForce

As a society, we’ve always dictated what our kids futures should be. Even though we have their best at heart, we force our kids towards a particular career path. Often ignoring their happiness and natural inclination. Being a legacy brand that has stood for progressive parenting, we at Bournvita, wanted to send a meaningful and strong reminder to the society to not force kids. So we have transformed the iconic Bournvita Jar, found in every household, and forced the jars to become something they weren’t destined to be- a toilet cleaner jar, an egg box, tissue paper box, a glass cleaner bottle, a ketchup bottle, a soap box, a cooking oil bottle. We hope these Forced Packs will act as a daily reminder for parents to show #FaithNotForce

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