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We have 4 gifts for you

We have 4 gifts for you

Why choose our Cadbury Celebration Box?

Cadbury chocolates have been a significant part of our childhood. We have created the memories of stealing, snatching, and borrowing chocolates from our siblings during childhood. Since we spent our whole childhood eating these chocolates, can we miss a chance to make it a part of our festivals when we grow up?

Cadbury Celebration pack is the most popular around occasions, such as Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Eid, etc. It aims to spread joy and bring people together with a wholesome box of miniature chocolates. With Cadbury Celebration Gift Packs, you can create the warmth of every festival with the act of generosity.

Cadbury Celebration for Raksha Bandhan - The Perfect Gift

Raksha Bandhan is an important festival in India that signifies the strong bond between the brother-sister duo. It is traditionally celebrated by rakhi tying and exchange of gifts in the Hindu culture.

With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, the constant dilemma to choose a perfect gift for your sibling never ends. Keeping aside the same-old presents, Dairy milk celebrations remain a timeless gift every festive season.

This season, choose your Cadbury celebration chocolate box to strengthen your bond with your siblings during Raksha Bandhan as well as to take gifting a notch higher. The premium selection of chocolates in the Cadbury celebration rakhi gift box will allow you to commence the festivities with a great grandeur along with your siblings as well as your parents.

The Dairy Milk Celebration box price is easy on your pocket. So get yourself going and surprise your siblings with a Dairy Milk celebration pack on an auspicious day!

Different variants of Cadbury Celebration Gift Packs

  1. Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack, 186.6 grams
  2. Loaded with all your childhood favourites, this box is a perfect gifting solution for festivals as well as special occasions, such as anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, and so on. Celebrations Assorted Gift pack is 357 x 240 x 23 mm that consists of Cadbury dairy milk, Gems, and Cadbury 5 star.

  3. Celebrations Premium Selection Gift Pack 217 grams
  4. If you’re specifically looking for dairy milk chocolates packed in a box, this box is an ideal solution. Its attractive packaging makes it a perfect solution for birthdays, festivals, and any other occasion that radiates joy. The size of this box is 125 x 72 x 250 mm.

  5. Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack, 136.7 g
  6. This box is a smaller version of the Celebration Assorted Gift Pack of 186.6 grams. The size of Celebration Assorted Gift Pack, 136.7 g is 352 x 195 x 23 mm. It consists of Dairy milk chocolate, 5 star, and Gems, which makes it a gifting solution for most occasions.

  7. Celebrations Assorted Pack (8 PC)
  8. This Cadbury celebrations pack is the last size under the Cadbury celebrations premium selection, which is full of chocolaty surprises. The size of this dairy milk pack is 80 x 39 x 130 mm.

Which are the Best Celebration Gift Boxes at Cadbury?

Listed below is the Cadbury celebration price list in India:

Celebration Gift Box Range
Price (Rs.)
Cadbury Celebration for Raksha Bandhan Special Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack, 136.7 g Rs. 135
Cadbury Celebration for Anniversaries Celebrations Assorted Pack (8 PC) Rs. 400
Cadbury Celebration for Birthdays Celebrations Premium Selection Gift Pack 217 grams Rs. 250
Cadbury Celebration for Diwali Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack, 186.6g Rs. 199

FAQ's on Cadbury Celebration Gift Boxes

  1. Are there any types of Cadbury Celebration Gift Packs?
  2. Cadbury Celebration Gift Pack is available in four different variants, which are Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack, 197. 1 kg, Celebrations Assorted Gift Pack, 145 kg, Celebrations 217 grams, and Celebrations Assorted Pack (8 PC).

  3. Can I get a Cadbury Celebration gift pack delivered to my city?
  4. You can get your celebrations pack delivered anywhere across major cities. Contact the toll-free number 1800-267-2249 to receive more information regarding the same.

  5. How should I order Cadbury celebration rakhi gift pack?
  6. All you have to do is follow these three basic steps mentioned below to place an order online:

    • Browse through the Cadbury products before selection
    • Upload an image of your selected product or simply choose your pick
    • Confirm your specifications after the payment.

  7. How can I get an update on my order status?
  8. To check the status of your order, log in to your account on the website. For further information, reach out to the ‘Customer Support’ via

  9. What are the available payment options?
  10. Online payments should be made on our registered payment gateways.

  11. How should I store my Dairy milk celebrations pack?
  12. Store the Cadbury Celebration box away from sunlight in a cool and dry condition. Do not store in a place above the temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

  13. What is the price of a Cadbury celebrations box?
  14. The price of each box depends on its variants and the size of the selected box. For instance, Celebration Assorted Gift Pack, 136.7 grams is priced at Rs. 135, while Celebration Assorted Gift Pack, 186.6 gram is priced Rs. 199.

  15. What are Cadbury celebrations gift pack contents?
  16. Sugar, cocoa solids, and milk solids are the top three key ingredients used across all chocolates. However, the contents may vary based on the type of Cadbury chocolate.