Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolates

Why choose our Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolates?

Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is a nostalgic part of our childhood with its memorable and exquisitely rich flavour. Most remember it as a delicacy to be enjoyed on joyous occasions like birthdays and anniversaries but all we need is an excuse to grab a Cadbury dairy milk silk! The mouth-watering combination of milk and rich silky chocolate melts on your tongue, filling your mouth with the most heavenly flavour that you cannot stop with just one piece.

To fulfil your cravings for dessert, we offer doorstep delivery of your favourite Cadbury dairy milk silk chocolate bars anywhere in Mumbai which are hygienically packed with care.

Here are the various variants of Cadbury dairy milk silk that you can devour from the comforts of your home, only a click away from you!

Different variants of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolates:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut

A rich and creamy blend of Cadbury silk with the real goodness of cashews, raisins and apricots embedded in the bar gives you Cadbury dairy milk silk fruit & nut. As the smooth chocolate softens on your tongue, the fruits and nuts present in every piece give it a crunchy yet lush feel.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Plain

The Cadbury dairy milk silk plain offers the most premium taste of classic Cadbury with the perfect mix of creamy and rich milk with silky chocolate. You can enjoy the lush and dense bar of Cadbury without any other ingredient overpowering the original flavour.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly

With a unique shape and a twist of bubbles, Cadbury dairy milk silk bubbly is a bar of milkier and sweeter silk chocolate. The creamy milk and bubbly texture of Cadbury chocolate have an airier density allowing you to take bigger bites of the delicious bar.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

Cadbury dairy milk silk oreo has a filling of the most loved biscuit cookie, Oreo, wrapped in a delectable combination of rich and velvety Cadbury silk. The Oreo creme biscuit has a blend of soft white cream with crunchy chocolate biscuits giving the Cadbury dairy milk silk oreo a crispy yet smooth texture. The rich chocolate stuffed with creamy Oreos explodes in your mouth in a burst of flavour.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond

Cadbury dairy milk silk roast almond comes with crisp roasted almond nuts embedded in luscious and smooth chocolate, making every bite a velvety and crunchy delight. You can relish the goodness of almonds in our scrumptious Cadbury silk chocolate bar.

Available in:

Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Range
Price (INR)
Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly 50g - Pack of 6 480
Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut 137g - Pack of 3 575
Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut 55g - Pack of 6 420
Dairy Milk Silk Oreo 130g - Pack of 3 575
Dairy Milk Silk Oreo 60g - Pack of 6 480
Dairy Milk Silk Plain 150g - Pack of 3 550
Dairy Milk Silk Plain 60g - Pack of 6 420
Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond 58g - Pack of 6 420

We at Cadbury, are committed to satisfying all of your dessert cravings with our dairy milk silk chocolates. Promising safe and hygienic doorstep delivery, you can relish on some of the best creamy and rich silk bars!