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Saveri Philkana |  Customer
Saveri Philkana | Customer
“I recently came across this website, and love how easy it has made gift giving! The customizable and personalizable designs are very classy, and there is something for everyone. I would recommend Cadbury Joy Deliveries to anybody who wants to give something memorable and sweet.”
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
“We have been using for the past few years to take care of our privileged customer gifting needs. We’ve got good feedback from our customers receiving these gift hampers. I would highly recommend it.”
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
"We used for gifting our employees for Diwali last year. We are now using it to welcome new joinees as well. The boxes are personalised, easy to order, beautifully packed and delivered on time; making our lives a lot easier!”

Top Picks for Valentine’s Day Gifts Online

Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack

A gift pack that stands out from the rest! As the name goes, it is a combination of everyone’s two personal favourites: Oreo and Silk. Packed with the goodness of the finest collection of Dairy Milk Silk, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Heart Pop, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly, Cadbury Oreo Dipped Cookie, and Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Filled Cookies, A Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack is a heavenly delight for all!

Buy the Valentine's Heart Shaped Gift Box Now!

Valentine’s Cadbury Heart Shaped Gift Box

A Valentine’s Heart Shaped Gift Box screams love! It is a special Valentine’s Day gift pack filled with Cadbury’s premium heart-shaped chocolates to wow your loved ones with a sweet tooth. Along with its classic taste, the beautiful packaging of the gift pack steals the limelight!

Valentine’s Day Gifts Online

The clock is ticking. And guess what the time is? Well, it’s almost that time of the year when lovers unite around the globe and proclaim their love for each other. Brace yourselves as it’s the season of hearts, flowers and chocolates. It’s Valentine’s Day!

With togetherness and the flare of romance in the air - Valentine’s Day is magical in all possible ways. A day that is no less than the cheesiest rom-com you’ve ever seen.

This year, make this occasion extra special and express your love with a Valentine’s Day gift. We at the House of Cadbury are here to help you pick the right Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or even friends. So, believe us when we say that it is an instant classic for your loved ones!

Why Choose Our Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts Online?

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Cadbury’s Valentine’s chocolates are here for you!

Our exclusive collection of Valentines chocolates is the optimal gift for your lover on this Valentine’s Day. Its lavishness, richness, and sweetness will keep your romance lively through the season of love and beyond.

Genius, right? Well, it gets even better!

You get to personalise these premium chocolatey Valentine’s Day Gifts with heartwarming messages, quotes, and photos, of course. Make them yours with a box of customised chocolates. It’s that simple!

Valentine's Day Gifts Online For Your Loved Ones

Pick Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Here’s our best picks for Valentine Day’s Chocolates that you can gift the women in your life.

  1. Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Girlfriend
  2. Picking Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend doesn’t have to be a task anymore. It’s quite simple. Skip the cards this year and pamper her with an exclusive Celebrations Box. It’s the sweetest Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend. Quite literally!

  3. Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Wife
  4. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife is a tad tricky. How can you possibly surprise the woman who knows you better than you know yourself? It’s easy! Our Cadbury Silk chocolates are hands down the best Valentine’s gift for her. Its rich taste and creamy texture will never fail to amaze her.

  5. Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Present for a Mom
  6. Your mother is and will always be your first and forever Valentine. Isn’t that woman just stunning? Well, celebrate your forever Valentine by gifting her an exclusive box of chocolates made with love by the House of Cadbury. Make the day special for your gorgeous mother by pampering her with this personalised Valentine’s gift.

  7. Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Sister
  8. Sisters are annoying, but you love them anyway. And they love you right back. As you’ve decided to make the women in your life feel special this Valentine, you certainly cannot leave your sister out of this list. Oh! The terror that may befall upon you if you do so. Well, then how about you honour the love-hate bond with her with our premium box of chocolates. It’ll not only add sweetness to the occasion but also make her feel loved.

Choose Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Be it Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, gifting choices for the special men in your life can be tricky. What do men even like? That’s a life-long question with no right answer to it. To make your task easier this year, we’ve enlisted a few unique ideas for Valentine’s gift for him. Here, take a look!

  1. Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Husband
  2. Your marriage is a sacred bond of love. When it comes to finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for your husband, it is the sentimental feeling behind the present that counts. All you want your partner to feel is loved and appreciated, right? In that case, walk the romantic route and shop for a box of chocolates with us to fill his day with joy and happiness.

  3. Romantic gifts for Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day
  4. An inexpensive yet practical Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend! A personalised box of chocolates from the House of Cadbury. It’ll instantly put a smile on his face. Trust us, he’ll be as happy as a clam! And who knows he might even share a bite with you!

  5. Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Brother
  6. Valentine’s Day doesn’t exactly scream ‘get your brother a gift’ but you can take this time to thank him for all his sarcastic comments and unsaid love. Show him how much he matters to you despite his quirks. . It’s time to say that out loud with our premium collection of Valentine’s chocolates! Because we know how much you adore him.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Others

This year, don’t just focus on your sweetheart! Make the day special for everyone including your children and BFFs. Here’s how to fill their day with joy and happiness as well. Come, let’s dive into it:

  1. Gifts for Friends on Valentines Occasion
  2. For love may come and love may go, your best friends remain forever. It is they who have held you tight on days when nothing felt right. Then, how can you not celebrate the day of love with them? Valentine’s Day is hands down the perfect time to show your friends some love and affection with an exclusive box of chocolates. Add a fun quote and an image on the box and give it to your squad members. Because hey, personalised chocolates make the best Valentine’s Day gifts for friends.

  3. Creative Valentine’s Day Gift for Kids
  4. Let us take you way back in time. Remember the first time your child held your finger? It was the feeling of pure love and joy, wasn’t it? Well, then, spoil your bundle of joys with gifts this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your boys or girls, make sure to select only those Valentine’s chocolates that they will love!

Valentine's Day: The Festival of Love & why is it Celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is more than the season of hearts and flowers. Well, the story of how it all started, much like love itself, is a tad dramatic. Quite literally! It goes way back to the third century in Rome. During this time, a Christian martyr named St Valentine went to jail for disobeying the law passed by a pagan Roman ruler, Claudius II. On his stay in the prison, St Valentine fell in love with a blind girl, Julia, who happened to be the jailer’s daughter. He wrote a letter titled ‘From Your Valentine’ to Julia on February 14th before being sentenced to death. Ever since that day, the season of love kicked in with a magical period of 7 days called Valentine’s week.

Valentine's Week 2021

Love is a lifetime of promises. And well, Valentine’s Day is a small contribution to keep your love alive beyond seasons. Get ready to welcome the 7 days of Valentine week with your loved ones, starting from 7th February.

February 7 2021 Rose Day On this day, people exchange roses of different colours with their special ones. So, give a beautiful one to your partner as a Rose Day gift
February 8 2021 Propose Day Confess your feelings and make the day memorable with a special gift
February 9 2021 Chocolate Day The third day i.e. 9th February - Chocolate Day. For this occasion Valentine’s chocolates for your partner are a perfect idea
February 10 2021 Teddy Day Pick the fluffiest bear as a Teddy Day gift for the one you love
February 11 2021 Promise Day Promise each other a life full of love, affection, and gifts
February 12 2021 Hug Day Hug it all out to welcome the day with warm embraces
February 13 2021 Kiss Day Seal the bond with your partner with a romantic kiss and give them an adorable Kiss Day gift worth remembering!
February 14 2021 Valentine’s Day Cherish the most romantic day of love with chocolates, flowers, and truckloads of Valentine’s gifts.

Valentine's Day Gifts from Cadbury India

We’ve listed our premium collection of Valentine’s chocolates to kickstart the day of love with the goodness of cocoa. Come, take a look:

  1. Special Valentine’s Personalised Silk Bar
  2. This year, convey your feelings to your special ones with a bar of personalised Silk chocolate. Go a little extra with customisation and engrave heartfelt messages.

    Cadbury Valentine's Special Silk Personalised Bar – Price Rs. 400

  3. Valentine’s Heart-shaped Gift Box
  4. It is hands down the best innovation for Valentine’s Day. This box lets you pour your feelings to your partner in the sweetest possible way.

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Heart Valentine's Shaped Gift Box – Price Rs. 800

  5. Personalised Premium Valentine’s Gift Bag
  6. You can never go wrong with a personalised Valentine’s Gift Bag! Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or even Valentine’s Day, this box acts as your one-stop gifting solution for all occasions. Plus, the rich chocolates in a Valentine’s Day gift bag will make everyone’s day on a special occasion.

    Here are the best variants of a Year-Round Gift Bag:

    • Pick n Mix Personalised Premium Gift Bag – Price Rs. 750
    • Pick n Mix Premium Gift Bag – Price Rs. 650
    • Personalised Year Round Gift Bag – Price Rs. 950

  7. Dark Chocolate Box
  8. We don’t expect you to understand your loved one’s dark chocolate obsession, but you definitely can surprise them with their favourite dark chocolate box. If you’re looking for dark chocolates this Valentine’s Day, this box is hands down the best option. You know why? Because it’s creamy, rich, and premium of course!

    Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate Gift Box – Price Rs. 800

  9. Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack
  10. Brace yourselves as Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack is here. And it is literally every chocolate lover's dream! Loaded with Dairy Milk Silk, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Heart Pop, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly, Cadbury Oreo Dipped Cookie, and Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Filled Cookies, this gift pack is indeed a heavenly way to kick-start the Valentine’s week with your near and dear ones.

    Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine’s Gift Edition Pack – Price Rs. 750

  11. Personalised I Love You Neon Pack
  12. This V-Day, let a Personalised I Love You Neon Pack do all the talking. It is an excellent way to tell your favourite people how much they mean to you (without saying anything). Amazing, right?

    Personalised I Love You Neon Valentine’s Day gift Pack – Price Rs. 650

  13. Cadbury Celebrations Assorted Pack
  14. Valentine’s Day is incomplete without a box of Cadbury Celebrations. So, pick a Celebrations Gift Pack for your loved ones this Valentine's Day. This box successfully spreads the joy of the season of love in a grand manner!

    Choose between one of these Cadbury Celebrations boxes for your near and dear ones this Valentine’s Day:

    • Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 136.7 g – Pack of 5 – Price Rs. 675
    • Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 186.6 g – Pack of 3 – Price Rs. 597
    • Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 64.2 g – Pack of 8 – Price Rs. 400
    • Celebrations Premium Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 281 g– Price Rs. 375

  15. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk
  16. The lingering taste of Silk chocolates is worth the hype. To be honest, it’s actually impossible to get over the richness and creaminess of this chocolate bar. So, purchase these different variants of silk for your forever Valentine:

    • Dairy Milk Silk Plain, 150g - Pack of 3 – Price Rs. 550
    • Dairy Milk Silk Oreo, 130g - Pack of 3 – Price Rs. 575
    • Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly, 50g - Pack of 6 – Price Rs. 480
    • Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond, 58g - Pack of 6 – Price Rs. 420
    • Dairy Milk Silk Oreo, 60g - Pack of 6 – Price Rs. 550
    • Dairy Milk Silk Plain, 60g - Pack of 6 – Price Rs. 550
    • Dairy Milk Silk Fruit & Nut, 55g - Pack of 6 – Price Rs. 420

Valentine's Day Gifts Online Delivery in India

Valentine's Day Gifting Packs
Best Valentine's Day Gift Box for your girlfriend Dairy Milk Silk & Oreo Special Valentine Gift Edition Pack ₹ 750
Personalised Valentine's Day Gift Box for your boyfriend Valentine's Heart Shaped Gift Box ₹ 800
Valentine's Day Gift for a couple Pick n Mix Personalised Premium Gift Bag ₹ 750
Perfect Valentine's day Gift for Husband Valentine's Special Silk Personalised Bar ₹ 400
Ideal Valentine's Day Gift for your wife Personalised I Love You Neon Pack ₹ 650
Useful v-day gift for your mother Personalised All Occasion Gift Pack ₹ 650
Best V-day Gift for father Valentine's Heart Shaped Gift Box with Video Personalisation ₹ 900
Valentine's Day gift for singles Pick n Mix Silk Personalised Bar ₹ 400

As you know, love comes with no boundaries. It goes above and beyond oceans and mountains. So, why stop yourself from expressing your emotions even from a distance? This Valentine’s Day, speak your mind and say what you genuinely feel for your special ones with a premium box of Cadbury chocolates. Send our bundle of joy to them and warm their heart with the sweetness, while being miles away from them. Believe us when we say that it is the best long-distance Valentine’s Day gift for your lover.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Singles

Calling out all the singles. Here’s a word of advice for you all: If you like it, you should put a ring on it. It’s time to let your guards down and welcome love with open arms in your life. This Valentine’s Day, pour your heart out to your special ones and mark the day with the ultimate gift of love. It is none other than a personalised chocolate box for your long-time crush. So if you’re single on Valentine’s Day & looking forward to mingle, say it out loud with our custom Valentine’s Day chocolate box.

Fun Facts about Valentine's Day

  1. The symbol of Valentine’s Day is Cupid, the son of Venus.
  2. Originally, candy hearts were medical lozenges.
  3. Since red roses happen to be Venus’s favourite flowers, approximately 50 million roses are given every year on Valentine’s Day.
  4. The first Valentine’s candy box was invented by Richard Cadbury in the late 1800s.
  5. Valentine’s Day is known to be one of the massive holidays for florists.
  6. Valentine’s Day happens to be the second most popular occasion for exchanging cards. First one is Christmas!
  7. Till date, British Museum displays the oldest known Valentine’s Day card from the 1400s.

FAQs for Valentine’s Day gifts from Cadbury Gifting

Q: When is Valentine's 2020?

A: Every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the globe on the 14th of February.

Q: What Are The Best Valentine's Day Gifts?

A: The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the ones that are thoughtful. Select a gift based on your loved one’s tastes and personalise it with a special message. It’s the best you can do for your special ones!

Q: How many day(s) does it take to deliver a personalised Valentine's Day gifts?

A: The delivery timeline can vary based on your location, size, and personalisation requirements. However, you can receive it between 7-8 days from the time the order is placed.

Q: Does Cadbury deliver Valentine's Day gifts to my city?

A: The House of Cadbury currently delivers across India. You can get your Valentine’s Day gifts delivered across Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore and Kolkata

Q: What should I gift my husband on Valentines?

A: To make the day special for your beautiful man, pick unique Valentine’s day gifts for him, such as message compass, personalised chocolates, I Love You stones, customised collar stays, keepsake box, and so forth.

Q: What should I gift my wife on Valentine's Day?

A: Every woman appreciates efforts more than anything else. So, go out of your way and surprise her with personalised Valentine’s chocolate gifts, such as love calendars, proposal caricature, engraved key ring, chocolates, and so on.

Q: How to make your Valentine's gift so special?

A: This Valentine’s Day, go above and beyond for your better half. Make them feel special by dedicating an entire evening for them with nothing but time, love, and lots of Valentine’s gifts. Wrap the gifts beautifully with love and you’re good to go!

Q: What is the most popular gift on Valentine's Day?

A: Trends come and go but chocolates remain an all-time popular Valentine’s Day gifts. Pick an irresistible chocolate box and add a dash of personalisation to it.

Q: What is the best Valentine gift for her?

A: From attractive hampers to exclusive chocolate boxes, your girl will love everything for Valentine’s Day.

Q: How can I surprise my wife on Valentine's Day?

A: Anything that you do for her requires extra thought and preparation. Plan the day ahead of the occasion to take her by surprise this year. If you’re planning to stay indoors, cook her favourite meal. If you’re taking it outdoors, plan a cosy date night for your wife.

Q: What are the best Valentine's Day gifts for a boyfriend?

A: Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend include presents such as laptop bags, charging station, organiser, etc.

Q: How can I surprise my long-distance girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

A: This Valentine’s Day, don’t let the distance stop yourself from showering your girl with surprises. Send a colourful bouquet and a premium box of chocolates to make her feel special despite the thousand miles between the two of you.

Q: How can I send Valentines Gifts to India from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, EU, Singapore, Dubai, UAE or from across the world?

A: Cadbury Gifting delivers Valentine’s Day gifts all over India. If you are a Non-resident Indian, you can surprise your valentine with a personalized gift in India.

Q: Can I send Valentine special gifts along with a personal message as well?

A: Yes. It is possible to add a personal message on the selected Valentine’s Day gifts. All you have to do is select the product and personalise it with a heartfelt message or a quote.