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Household Snacks

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We have 12 gifts for you


Why Choose Cadbury Household Snacks?

You can order your household snacks from Cadbury, one of India’s most trusted brands, delivered right to your homes. We offer hygienically packed doorstep delivery and take care of all your evening snacks needs. Be it adults, or kids, everyone loves to munch a snack while you watch a movie or your kids’ favourite cartoon.

Oreo Crème Biscuits

Oreo biscuit cookie is a perfect blend of soft and crunchy taste. It combines the smoothness of cream with crunchy chocolate biscuits. You can enjoy your Oreos in its original style, ‘Twist it, Lick it, and Dunk It’ or use them in various dessert recipes. For all the chocolate lovers, Oreo Biscuit Cookie is available in chocolate flavour as well as vanilla. Order your favourite oreo biscuit and enjoy them throughout the day.

Here are the different Oreo Biscuit Cookie that you can buy -

Bournvita Health Drink

A delicious chocolate drink that is a favourite among the kids and also adults is sure to be part of some of the essential household snacks that you may require. Enriched with Vitamins, it is a perfect combination of nutrients and chocolaty taste. Bournvita can be enjoyed either in milk, whether cold or hot and also be a part of your many foods recipes.

You can buy your favourite chocolate drink in different sizes-

Bournvita Biscuits

Like your favourite drink bournvita, you can enjoy the goodness of nutrients with a blast of chocolate in bite-sized biscuits. These bournvita biscuits taste great when accompanied with cold milk. It can complement your bournvita health drink while your kids enjoy a double chocolaty taste. The kids are going to love it, but so will all adults too! Why miss out on Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits to relish with a glass of milk?

Tang Orange Instant Mix Drink

Nothing reminds of summer vacations than a cold glass of Tang Orange Instant Mix Drink. Remember the times when you would rush home from school to make yourself a chilled iced drink to sip while you catch up with your favourite cartoon shows? Now you can enjoy Tang with your beloved family. Also, Tang is rich in minerals helping your feel refreshed throughout the day. Isn’t it the perfect companion to your work from home meetings while you sip on your favourite drink?


You can enjoy Tang Orange Instant Mix Drink with other household snacks in this Cadbury combo pack.

At Cadbury, we are committed to fulfilling all your snacking wishes. Your online snacks delivery will be safely delivered to you even during these stressful times. Happy snacking!