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Saveri Philkana |  Customer
Saveri Philkana | Customer
“I recently came across this website, and love how easy it has made gift giving! The customizable and personalizable designs are very classy, and there is something for everyone. I would recommend Cadbury Joy Deliveries to anybody who wants to give something memorable and sweet.”
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
“We have been using for the past few years to take care of our privileged customer gifting needs. We’ve got good feedback from our customers receiving these gift hampers. I would highly recommend it.”
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
"We used for gifting our employees for Diwali last year. We are now using it to welcome new joinees as well. The boxes are personalised, easy to order, beautifully packed and delivered on time; making our lives a lot easier!”

Birthdays and Anniversaries are one of the best ways of growing older and celebrating bonds. This day goes out in honor of the special one, where blessings and gifts are abundantly showered to commemorate the day in absolute splendor. Let the day be remembered as you create beautiful memories with chocolates that win hearts.

Looking at the current trend, gifting has evolved into a more evolved and complex cultural and social notion. It is also important to note that, over time gifts have become a way of self-expression and something more than a mere item of presentation. The first and foremost reason for giving birthday or anniversary presents is showing someone that you care about them and remember the day fondly. On this specific day, one item that can never go wrong is chocolates. They are loved by all and make a pleasant birthday present. And why not, sweets make an ideal gift and is considered to be a good presage to sweeten the taste buds of those you love on their special big day.

While we know that gifts are more than just an act of presentation, it is to exhibit your love and appreciation to the one you admire and adore. It is here that personalized chocolates and gifts turn the day to a memorable one. Cadbury makes your gift-gifting acts easier and better by offering a variety of delectable chocolates in decorated boxes, perfect to usher a gush of delight to the heart of your special one.

With choices as many as a sea, at Cadbury, personalization becomes fun and delightful process. Get personalized birthday gifts and personalised wedding anniversary gifts in a jiffy. To add to it, you can also customize the chocolate boxes in quirky styles you wish. Be it a neon gift pack, a classic gift pack or a single bar, your options will be in plenty as well as their varieties. You can team up your personalized chocolates for birthdays or anniversaries and with a heartwarming message too. Thus, Cadbury makes the process of personalization convenient by offering pre-designed boxes and getting them wrapped in pretty paper drapes.