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Saveri Philkana |  Customer
Saveri Philkana | Customer
“I recently came across this website, and love how easy it has made gift giving! The customizable and personalizable designs are very classy, and there is something for everyone. I would recommend Cadbury Joy Deliveries to anybody who wants to give something memorable and sweet.”
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
“We have been using cadburygifting.in for the past few years to take care of our privileged customer gifting needs. We’ve got good feedback from our customers receiving these gift hampers. I would highly recommend it.”
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
"We used cadburygifting.in for gifting our employees for Diwali last year. We are now using it to welcome new joinees as well. The boxes are personalised, easy to order, beautifully packed and delivered on time; making our lives a lot easier!”

Top Picks for Personalised Women's Day Chocolate Gifts Online

Make the Woman in Your Life feel Special this Women's Day with Our I Love You Personalised Classic Gift Pack

I Love You Personalised Classic Gift Pack

Cherish the day with the woman of your life with personalised gifts for women's day! Gift your favourite chocolate in the form of a customisable ‘I Love You’ classic gift pack.

The Dark Milk Personalised Gift Pack makes for a Universal Women's Day Gift

Dark Milk Personalised Gift Pack

Let the celebrations begin with exclusive women’s day gifts like the Dark Milk Personalised Gift Pack. This delectable gift pack is sure to get the women’s day vibes soaring!

Looking for Women's Day Gift Online?

Celebrated on 8th March of each year, this day is dedicated to celebrate the wagon of women power. To celebrate this day, it is extremely important to understand the importance of women in our lives. So each one can do our bit by celebrating this day in a splendid way. Not only does it mean making them feel special in any way, but also treating them to exclusive and memorable gifts.

When looking for women’s day gifts, it is necessary to consider what she likes. With the various gifting websites that one has access to today, picking women's day special gifts is now made convenient. It could range from small keepsakes, and home decor items to books and much more. Above all, there’s one such piece that can steal the limelight away in a jiffy. Are you guessing it already? Yes, you are spot on there for making the leap worth it! It’s Chocolates!

Nothing beats the quality and creativity in making chocolates other than Cadbury. It is an ideal and most convenient place to shop for a variety of chocolates that will leave a lasting impression on the lady. Presenting a plethora of delicious sweets in a variety of styles, Cadbury is your next-door saviour to help you create women's day special gifts.

Why Shop at Cadbury?

To commemorate the spirit of womanhood, 8th March is observed as Women’s Day. Therefore, why not make the most of this day by showing gratitude towards all the special ladies you know in your life. It could be anyone, your mother, sister, friend, wife or daughter. Since they are the epitome of care, love and detriment, gifting presents that make them feel special rests upon your shoulder.

Nowadays, sending and buying gifts is easier (thanks to the ease and availability of various online gifting sites). Since Cadbury is a pool containing a delectable variety of chocolates, choosing a pack of chocolate and getting it customised is easier than you think. Online delivery has emerged as a boon nowadays. It helps to bridge the gap even when you are living away from your dear one. Women’s day special gifts can be arranged online from Cadbury thanks to its utmost convenient online ordering procedure.

There are only three basic steps for successfully placing an online delivery. All you need to do is:

  1. Explore the products by browsing through each and every page.
  2. Choose the one you like, and for a dash personalisation, select the image and upload it.
  3. All your specifications will be confirmed once you finish the whole online payment steps.

On a typical case if you have a particular order requirement, then contact us at

Which are the Best Gifts at Cadbury for Women's Day?

Since women’s day is a celebration that pays honour and tribute to women, ensure that you make the most of this day by treating women with best, personalised gifts. Cadbury hoards a wide variety of personalised gifts for women's day.

Best Women's Day Gift for Your Girlfriend/ Wife/ Mother

Designed to be loved by everyone, this classic gift pack is perfect for gifting and expressing your feelings to the women you love the most. This I Love You Personalised Classic Gift Pack contains an assortment of dairy milk silk, silk fruit & nut, silk roast almond, dairy milk crackle and dairy milk fruit & nut. Another chocolate that blends the fine dark cocoa beans with a lather of creamy and smooth milk to create a heavenly goodness is the Dark Milk Personalised Gift Pack.

Best Women's Day Gift for Your Sister

This Pick n Mix Premium Potli is exclusively designed and will make a fun women’s day gift for your dear sister. The potli comes pre-tied with a golden drawstring with knotted ends at both ends for safety. It looks elegant and makes an ideal present to gift your sister.

Best Women's Day Gift for Your Friend/ Colleague

The Silk Personalised Bar is all about regaling in the sweet’s creaminess and richness. Its classic taste gives you every small and big reason to celebrate an occasion as significant as women’s day. It is one of the best gift on women's day for a friend or coworker.

Best Corporate Gift for Women's Day

Crafted with a delightful mix of fine dark chocolates and smooth and creamy milk chocolate, this Dark Milk Personalised Gift Pack is the ideal gift to present a colleague on women’s day. The pack contains three units of dark milk chocolate bars that have a rich and creamy texture and an intense flavour that will linger for a long time leaving your lady feeling good.

Women's Day Gift Ideas

Gift Type
Girlfriend/ Wife/ Mother I Love You Personalised Classic Gift Pack Rs. 599
Dark Milk Personalised Gift Pack Rs. 749
Sister Pick n Mix Premium Potli Rs. 500
Friend/ Colleague Silk Personalised Bar Rs. 350
Corporate Dark Milk Personalised Gift Pack Rs. 749