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We have gifts for you

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What are our customers saying?

Yagna Parekh | Customer
Yagna Parekh | Customer
My Chocolate cravings usually come unannounced. And whenever it happens, I usually turn to Cadbury Gifting to satisfy my cravings as well as tastebuds. I recently ordered Silk Selection which included all flavours of Dairy Milk Silk Chocolates. The delivery was quick, and chocolates were in best condition. I was extremely joyous after having all of them by myself.
Ashwin | Customer
Ashwin | Customer
I think Cadbury Gifting has become my new favourite when it comes to gifting chocolates. If you are looking to buy chocolates for gifting someone special, they have wide range of personalization options to choose from. Moreover, they have some of the best deals that will make your shopping fun and exciting. I had a great experience purchasing from them.
Santosh Mehra | Customer
Santosh Mehra | Customer has been my favourite for a long time. I ordered different varieties of Dairy Milk Silk for my girlfriend. I am impressed with their delivery. First, it was quick and on time. Secondly, the delivery was done in pristine condition. Moving on the chocolates were fresh and tasted perfect. Do check out their wide range of chocolates. I guarantee you will only have a smile on your face at the end.
Richa Sheth | Customer
Richa Sheth | Customer
Getting good chocolates in India at one place has always been a tedious task. So, when I came across this website, I was happy to see all the products from Cadbury along with the personalization option. The delivery was quick, and I got the chocolates in the best condition. I have to say that their service is quite efficient, and they are good at what they do.
Abhimanyu Rai | Customer
Abhimanyu Rai | Customer
I have used Cadbury Gifting services for delivering Christmas Chocolates to my friends and families. The personalization helped me adding names of family members on chocolates and Merry Christmas message was like cherry on the cake. I would recommend others to use this platform to send personalised messages to your loved ones.
Saveri Philkana |  Customer
Saveri Philkana | Customer
“I recently came across this website, and love how easy it has made gift giving! The customizable and personalizable designs are very classy, and there is something for everyone. I would recommend Cadbury Joy Deliveries to anybody who wants to give something memorable and sweet.”
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
Sanjay raghuraman| COO, Kalyan Jewellers.
“We have been using for the past few years to take care of our privileged customer gifting needs. We’ve got good feedback from our customers receiving these gift hampers. I would highly recommend it.”
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
Tania Ved| Logic Serve, Mumbai
"We used for gifting our employees for Diwali last year. We are now using it to welcome new joinees as well. The boxes are personalised, easy to order, beautifully packed and delivered on time; making our lives a lot easier!”

Personalised Chocolate Gifts Online

The trend of gifting has changed over time. Today, the idea of personalisation has started trending for every occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals. Personalised gifts double the joy of gifting and leaves a long-lasting impression on the receiver. With so many gifting occasions coming this year, such as Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, buy personalised gifts for your dear and near ones to make them feel extra special on every occasion.

Why choose Personalised Chocolate Gifts at Cadbury?

Cadbury personalised chocolate gifts are unique, which offer an array of choices based on everyone’s budget and preference. Besides, Cadbury chocolates are made with love that promises high-quality for a better shopping experience. The usage of qualitative products in the making of Cadbury chocolates is easy on every individual’s pocket that is available in the Indian market at a competitive price.

A personalised gift, such as a chocolate box is the best choice for any occasion. Check out our extensive collection of personalised chocolate gifts online.

Different variants of Personalised Gift Packs

  1. Birthday Celebration Box
  2. Are birthdays complete without a box of chocolates? Surprise all the loved ones with Cadbury’s Birthday Celebration Box that consists of Cadbury chocolate bars, whistles, and a birthday hat. In addition to this, this box provides a personalised birthday card; wherein everyone can customise to make their loved ones feel special.

    Here are a few other options available under the Birthday Celebration box:

    • Happy Birthday Edition- Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Box
    • A personalized gift like Happy Birthday Edition: Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Box is the perfect present for birthdays. This gift pack consists of a rich combination of chocolates and premium nuts, such as almonds, cashews, and raisins. Add a personalized message on the gift pack to make it extra special for your loved ones.

    • Happy Birthday Edition- Silk Miniatures Gift Pack
    • What is better than personalized chocolates for birthdays? Mark this special day in the lives of your loves ones with Happy Birthday Edition- Silk Miniatures gift pack. It is a pleasant surprise that consists of miniature silk bars in four different flavours, such as classic chocolate, butterscotch, sea salt, and almond. Personalize it with a special message to make their day this birthday.

  3. Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Box
  4. Packed with the goodness of cocoa and rich dry fruits, this Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate box is a perfect gift for every occasion. Add a personal touch to it by including a message on any special occasion, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Apart from the option of personalisation, each box comprises almonds, cashews, and raisins.

  5. Silk Miniatures Gift Pack
  6. What’s better than tiny silk miniatures packed in a beautiful box? Celebrate the joy of every occasion, whether it is a birthday or a wedding anniversary with Silk Miniatures Gift Pack. It consists of 24 premium miniatures of classic chocolate, sea salt, butterscotch, and almond wrapped beautifully in a box.

Send Personalised Gifts Online to your loved ones

Buying personalised gifts can be a cumbersome process. Since we have to hunt for one from one store to the other, it might take a long time to pick a perfect personalised gift. To avoid rushing to shops last-minute, buy personalised gifts online to surprise the loved ones on every special occasion.

Personalised gifts are categorised into different sections given below based on the taste and preference of the loved ones. Order these best-personalised gifts for the near and dear ones at the comfort of sitting at home:

  • Personalised gifts for sister
  • Looking for a reason to shower her with love? Celebrate her on every occasion with personalised gifts for her. These personalised gifts for your sister can vary according to her preferences.

  • Personalised gifts for husband
  • Let’s face it: Gifting husbands can get a tad bit tiring. Although they don’t tell us what they want, they might still expect us to surprise them on every occasion. So buy personalised gifts for your husband to show gratitude, appreciation, and love this festive season or any special occasion.

  • Personalised gifts for wife
  • Buying personalised gifts for a wife is an excellent way to make her happy. Choose chocolate gifts, such as chocolate boxes, silk personalized bar, etc. for personalisation. Such personalised gifts for your wife can allow you to add spark to the marriage with a special message exclusively for her.

  • Personalised gifts for couples
  • Shopping for couples might seem tricky. Since we have to consider the tastes of the two, we might tend to confuse ourselves while buying a gift for them. So purchase personalised gifts for couples to surprise them on their wedding anniversaries.

  • Personalised gift for girlfriend
  • Our girlfriends love surprises, don’t they? To take her by surprise on every occasion, buy personalised gifts ranging between Silk bar to Cadbury Celebrations. Pick her a combination of her favourite chocolates to bring a smile on her face.

  • Personalised gift for boyfriend
  • While our boyfriends are not too hard to please, we tend to go that extra mile every time for them. Invest in personalised gifts for your boyfriend to show him how much he is truly valued and appreciated. Choose a chocolate gift box from our gift range and transform it into a personalised gift.

  • Personalised gifts for kids
  • Shopping for kids might seem easy, but trust us, it’s not! Kids have higher expectations from us when it comes to gifts. So invest in personalised gifts for kids this time to watch them glow. Select any chocolate from the gifts from Cadbury Gifting and add a personal touch to it to make them happy.

Send Personalised Gifts Online across India

Distance shouldn’t stop anyone from expressing their love. No matter how far we live from our loved ones, we should keep them closer by surprising them with tiny gestures of love. Gifting personalised gifts is one such way to remind our loved ones that we think about them even if we have several miles between each other.

Buy personalised gifts online to make them feel grateful and appreciated either during a special occasion or to take them by surprise randomly at any point in time. Whether it is personalised gifts for a friend or a family members.

Here are a few types of personalised gifts that one can gift to their long-distance lovers or friends to keep them close:

Recipients Personalised Gift Variants Price (Rs.)
Personalised gifts for him Personalised Birthday Neon Pack Rs. 750
Customised gifts for her Personalised I Love You Neon Pack Rs. 750
Personalised gifts for friend Personalised Premium Tin Birthday Box Rs. 950
Personalised gifts for couples Silk Miniatures Personalised Pack Rs. 700
Personalised gifts for younger siblings Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Personalised Gift Pack Rs. 650

FAQ's on Personalised Gifts

  1. How can I buy Cadbury personalised gifts?
  2. Choose a product of your choice and customise it with the message/logo/design that you’d like to see on your Cadbury personalised gifts.

  3. Are there delivery charges?
  4. Reach out to our customer support on to know more about bulk shipping charger or any prices associated with delivery.

  5. Do I need an account to buy Cadbury personalised gifts?
  6. It is not mandatory to have an account. However, it is advisable to create login details for a smooth delivery process.