Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and it’s time to strengthen the bond that you share with your brother/s. If you believe in showing your love for your brother/s by using your creativity, now’s the time to start thinking of rakhi-making ideas and putting them into action. To help you out, here are some suggestions on how to make beautiful rakhis at home easily. Also check out these how to make rakhi’ designs. You could use the traditional approach and designs or think of something that is completely out of the box. It would also be a good idea to incorporate something that you know your brother likes in the design, such as the colour or the picture of a particular object. Once you have selected the rakhi designs that you like, shortlist at least three. No harm in have a couple of back-ups in case your first preference doesn’t work out! Now get together easily available material you would need to translate the ideas into reality: silk thread/ wool/ribbon to tie around the wrist; colour paper, foam, cardboard, felt or fabric to form the base of the design; sequins, beads, stickers, patches, etc., to add pizzazz to the design; and, of course, glue and scissors to put the whole thing together.

How to Make a Rakhi at Home

Rakhi making at home involves some creativity and a lot of love. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions on how to how to make homemade rakhis:

1. Choose the thread/ribbon that you’ll use as the tie and ensure it is strong and thick enough not to break easily.

2. Select the material you will use for the base of the actual rakhi centre piece. It could be paper, fabric, felt or foam, or a combination of any two of these.

3. Cut the shape of the base out – it could be a circle, flower, paisley or any other. It should hold its shape and be resilient – like your relationship with your brother.

4. Decorate the base by gluing sequins, beads, stickers or patches on it, using the design/pattern that you have chosen.

5. Wait for it all to dry.

6. Glue this base onto the centre of the thread/ribbon and your homemade rakhi is ready!

After this easy rakhi making, get set to tie the homemade rakhi on your brother’s wrist on Raksha Bandhan day and receive compliments not just from him but from the entire family. After all, it is the thought that counts and we’re confident that your brother will never fail to appreciate the thought and effort that you put in to make him a rakhi design of your own creation.

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